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10 January 2007

Those hospital guys don't mess around.  Only 3 days, still immobile, and they kicked my mother out today.  Actually, I talked with her nurse before driving down today and she had no information about any move, but Walt and I stopped off at my mother's house to pick up her car before going to the hospital.  I called her from there to see if she needed me to bring her anything and she was all antsy because I was supposed to be there now to move her.

When got to the hospital, she was all ready to leave.

They weren't quite ready for her to leave, however, so there was lots of sitting around waiting.  They also couldn't find her "jewelry" (watch and wedding ring), so we had to file a report with the security guard (a very officious looking guy).

We had a procession heading downstairs--two hospital guys pushing my mother's wheelchair, Walt following with all the flowers and stuff she'd accumulated in her brief stay, and me rushing off to find the car and bring it around to the hospital front door.

We all got her loaded in her car and then, with Walt following in our car, I drove off to the convalescent hospital which had apparently been looking for her since they thought she had left the hospital at 1 p.m. (it is about a 2 mile drive and we didn't leave there until 2:30 or later).

I was delighted that the place doesn't smell of urine, but its halls are lined with the kinds of people that the psychiatrist writes reports about all the time.  Someone was screaming and someone else was moaning loudly about wanting to go home to his own bed.

I hope she will only have to be there a short time.  The room is nice enough...

one of my cousins brought her a little bear,
some flowers, and a crystal necklace.

...but there is no TV.  She has no roommate.  She can't get up yet, so I think the time is going to pass very slowly.  She starts physical therapy tomorrow and is very motivated.  She has to be able to move from bed to bathroom using her crutches (which she doesn't have yet) before they will let her go home, and I'm sure she's going to be working hard on that.

I'm concerned, though.  A few years ago, 2 years before I dislocated my shoulder, she had a fall and dislocated her shoulder.  She must have hurt it when she fell and it is really bothering her and I'm wondering how that is going to affect using crutches.

After she was all settled in, Walt headed back to Davis and I went back to my mother's.  She keeps telling me I should just spend the night, but her stepson turned off the heat so she wouldn't have to pay to heat an empty house and it is damn cold in there.  It was warmer outside, and this was a cold night!  So I won't be staying there, but I did clean out her fridge and get her newspaper subscriptions cancelled.

Tomorrow I'll go back there in the morning and call her to see if she needs me to bring her anything.  Right now all she has to wear is a hospital gown that opens down the back, which is going to be difficult to do physical therapy in! 

(Walt brought her clothes in from the car, the ones she had been wearing when she fell, but I don't know if she can get slacks on over her cast.  However, in moving the clothes from the bag they were in to the closet in her new room, we found her watch and ring, so at least that was one worry we no longer had.)

Walt had, it turns out, been very sleepy driving home and stopped to take a nap, so he was quite late getting here and what a mess!  Starving dogs, starving puppies, and poop everywhere.  I managed to get home in time to help get things back to normal again.

Tomorrow it's back on the road yet again, this time just me, though, so Walt will be home to take care of the puppies.  Ashley says she hopes to find them a new home by next week.

I'm going to print off a couple of photos to take to my mother tomorrow.  She has no memory of all the hilarity around the spirometer.  I can hardly wait to show her.




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