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8 January 2007

I was really sorry to have missed seeing my grandmother today.  I haven't seen her since she died when I was in my first year in college.  But apparently she brought my mother to the hospital today.  My mother asked if I had seen her walking in the hall and was disappointed when I had to admit that I had not.

Oh, it was a weird day!  Now that we know my mother is going to be OK and just has a (probably) long recovery process ahead of her, we can start making fun of her and today was the perfect day to do it.

I spoke with her in the morning and I could hear that she was slurring her words, so I assumed that her pain meds were doing their job, keeping the edge off of the pain and probably making her feel pretty good.

I got to the hospital around 2 p.m., after our "big day" here, giving the puppies their first outside experience (which they liked until they wandered over into the shade, where it was colder and I found them shivering and brought them inside to warm up in the playpen.

My mother was sleeping when I arrived (and would be mortified to hear she was snoring) and I settled myself in with my book to wait until she woke up.  To my surprise, I looked up and there was Ned, who had decided to surprise both me and my mother.

We sat there visiting and making fun of my sleeping mother.

We were amused to read the "plan" board for her for the day and to discover that her job for the day was to wiggle her toes.  Hey--where can I get a job like that?

When she finally woke up, it was very strange.  She would be having a normal conversation, and then suddenly she was off in la-la land.  Talking about my grandmother having been there, for example.  She repeated things several times.  She couldn't remember how long she'd been in the hospital...all things that are quite common with older people (and probably younger ones too) being in hospital and losing track of things.

But then the nurse (whom my mother insisted was a doctor) came in to remind her to use her incentive spirometer, an instrument that helps to keep her lungs working properly and prevent pneumonia.  This provoked an incredible amount of hilarity.

The phallic appearance could not be denied and it revealed a side of my mother I had never seen before, one who winked at Ned and told him about the "cute" young doctors she had her eye on, and how she planned to return to the hospital after she was released so she could see the cute doctor again. 

I cannot begin to tell you the fun she had with that spirometer (which she believed was a toy Ned had brought to her) and how much we all laughed.

I don't really know how much of this she will remember, so it's really my job as an historian to keep a record of it, right?

(That's my story and I'm sticking to it.)




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