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6 January 2007

I've said it before in this journal:  "If you want to make God laugh, tell her what your plans are for tomorrow."

I was feeling pretty good.  I had a great entry written for today, and another one I wrote that would probably get posted for the next day. 

My day was planned for tomorrow.  I was going to pick up Lemrel at 8 a.m. and get her to Sacramento for her 10 a.m. meeting.  Then I had to rush over to the university because there is an dance audition going on that my editor wanted me to cover.  That sounded like fun because in addition to giving me a feature story, it would also give me a new video.

I also am supposed to interview a choreographer for a newspaper article and we were going to connect at some point tomorrow to either do the interview or decide when we could do it.

Ashley asked if I could take 3 more puppies from this Christmas litter overnight while she tried to find a new home for them to go to.  I got this great idea that I would order Chinese food for tomorrow night so that I could write a journal entry entitled "With 6 You Get Egg Roll."  (How pathetic is it when you order your life around catchy titles for a journal entry?)

I got our current 3 puppies fed, got us fed and we went off to review a show, a production of Mame.  We stopped off at Safeway on the way home to pick up kibble because though Ashley was going to bring me more tomorrow, these little piggies are eating so much of it that I could see I would need more before she would get here with a new supply.

It was midnight when we got home and there was a message light blinking on the telephone.  That's when all the plans, all the clever journal entries and most of the promises went out the window.

The message was from my mother's stepson, calling to let me know that my mother had fallen and broken her ankle.  She was in the hospital and they plan to do surgery tomorrow. At this point, that's really all I know because midnight was too late to call to get additional information (which he probably doesn't have anyway).

I am committed to delivering Lemrel to Sacramento.  If I bail out on her at the last minute, she will miss her meeting, the reason she flew up here to begin with.  So I will still leave here at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow, drive to San Francisco, drive her back to Sacramento, drop her off, and then head back to San Rafael.  The trick is not telling her what is going on so she won't feel guilty.

I tried to send a message to my editor letting him know that I wouldn't be able to do the story on the audition, but the home e-mail address I thought I had for him turns out not to be valid, so I have his telephone number and will call him at home sometime tomorrow morning, presumably a bit later than 5:30 a.m., from somewhere on the road.  It has to be early enough that he can get someone else to cover it if he really needs the story.

I sent an e-mail to Ashley to let her know we couldn't take the puppies.  Walt could probably handle 6 puppies if he had to, but I figure that asking him to watch the 3 we have already was more than enough.

I dashed off an e-mail to the choreographer to let him know that there is a change of plans, give him my cell phone number and tell him to contact me and that we would do the interview somehow.  I don't know if I'm going to spend the night at my mother's tomorrow or not (I am assuming I will), so I'll bring my laptop in case I have to interview him from there and write the article right away.

But all of this is just busy work.  The real issue is my mother and how she is and the frustration in not knowing how bad the break is, what they plan to do, if she will come home tomorrow or not.  I won't know the answers to any of those questions until I actually can speak with her stepson.

If she comes home tomorrow, I will definitely spend the night there, and possibly move down there for some time, depending on how many friends and relatives are going to be lining up to help out.

So everything is in limbo and I'm terribly worried about my mother and frustrated that there is no way to get any additional information until later tomorrow.


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