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4 January 2007

First I must explain about the Video of the Day.  When I got the iPod, I had to upgrade to the latest iTunes.  Installing the latest iTunes meant I had to install the latest QuickTime (since they come bundled together and one won't work without the other), which brought back my QuickTime problems of videos that won't play for me. 

I can again at least see QuickTime video by playing through Firefox, but upgrading to the latest QuickTime means that I lost my QuickTime Pro status.  QuickTime pro allowed me to compress videos so that they started instantly when you clicked on the Video of the Day.  Now I'm not even converting to QuickTime; I'm uploading in WMV and I notice that it takes forever to start playing, unlike before.  I apologize.  But if I can't even view QuickTime videos, I'm not going to pay $30 to upgrade to the "pro" version. I hope people can find work-arounds, like checking the videos on YouTube, if you can't get them thru Blip or don't want to wait for the long load time.

It's difficult for someone who has spent 40 years or more avoiding doing housework to come up with  the kind of "honey-do" list that people are joking about my making.

As of today, Walt is without work.  His last day of work was yesterday.  He is now a retired man, after nearly 50 years as a federal government employee.

Why am I reminded of the scene in Marty where he's speaking with is friend, Angie:

Angie: What do you wanna do tonight?
Marty: I dunno, Angie. What do you wanna do?

Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be us over the next few months as we settle into this new chapter of our lives?

I should sound more enthusiastic about this, I guess, but since we've never really discussed his retirement in any depth, since Walt seemed so conflicted about it, I truly do not know what our life is going to be.  I only know that MY life, without any input from me whatsoever, has changed 180 today.

No more deciding in the middle of the day to sit down and watch a video.  Now I'll feel guilty if I do.  No more eating everything in sight...someone will see me.  Giving Walt a "honey-do" list means that I should have my own list of things to do.  No more of this laissez-faire housekeeping, making pets of the dust bunnies, and experimenting with mold in the fridge. It's like suddenly being caught with my hand in the cookie jar and trying to come up with a good explanation.

I have to admit I'm finding it difficult to find a "positive" in all of this, but I'm sure there is one. Since we have never discussed it, the only things I have been able to think of are the negatives for me, so I'm trying very hard to think positively.  But it's difficult.

We did not, however, have to address it immediately.  Our friend "Lemrel" flew in for a couple of days.  She visited here in May of last year and this visit was to be the same thing.  She is here mainly to attend a meeting in Sacramento, so she flies into Sacramento (so she can leave right after the meeting), but she has a son in San Francisco (80 miles away) whom she wants to visit and I'm a handy chauffeur, and so when the newly retired Walt returned from his last day at work, Lemrel was here to greet him.

I had picked her up at the Sacramento airport and we went directly to the Indian casino about 25 minutes north of the airport.  We had lunch at the buffet there, good food but not as outstanding as I remember from our time there in May (but in May we went on a weekend, and apparently "all you can eat crab" is a feature of weekends).

Lemrel trotted off into the casino and I went off in search of a supermarket to buy something for a celebratory retirement dinner for Walt (though I was so stuffed from lunch that the mere act of walking into a supermarket filled with food was enough to make me wonder if I could make it through without needing a vomitorium!)

When I finished buying groceries, I went back to the casino and just parked off in a far corner with my little video iPod watching an old Alfred Hitchcock Presents that I downloaded from iTunes, and some video blogs I'd added to the new toy.  I felt so trendy!  The Security guys came by twice to find out if I was OK, since apparently parking in the far corner of the parking lot to watch videos is not what most people do at the casino!

We were home before Walt and then took him out to dinner to celebrate.  Tomorrow I'm taking Lemrel to San Francisco and so Walt's first "honey-do" thing is to feed the puppies while I'm away.


While Lemrel was in the casino at the back,
I was in the car watching an old Alfred Hitchcock
program on the video iPod!
(That's Estelle Winwood in "There Was An Old Lady")



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