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2 January 2007

What do Vaslav Nijinski, Aristotle, James Tyler, Marilyn Monroe and Tickle Me Elmo all have in common?  They were all names written on little slips of paper that we had to describe to the other members on our team in the hope that we could win "the name game."  Kind of a verbal Pictionary.

We rang in the New Year quietly, as I knew we would.  There were about 15 of us at the New Year's Eve party.  We gorged on shrimp and crab dip and various cheeses and nuts, then had fabulous soup and fabulous desserts and then gathered in the living room to play the name game for some 2 hours, until the giant ball began to drop in Times Square.

I love playing with this group because, in addition to being very funny people, they all have sharp, biting wits and a vast store of knowledge, especially of music, movies, and theatre.  I always laugh a lot...and learn a lot too.

We were home by 12:15, homemade dog treats in our pockets, in time to feed the hungry puppies, so it was a relatively early night, as New Year's Eves go.

As we now settle into 2007, it's time to look and see how I did in some aspects of my life in the previous year.

I started keeping records of things, like books read and movies seen, a few years back and l went back and look at what happened in 2006.  At the end of 2005, I checked my book list and discovered that I had read a total of 5,313 pages in only 13 books.  I was appalled that I had read so little and promised that I would do better in 2006...and I did.

In 2006, I slightly more than doubled the number of books. I read 27 books, 8,465 pages.  I'm still not up to the 60 books the man in the White House supposedly read last year.  It must be nice to have so much free time. 

I kind of went on reading jags.  My friend Char introduced me to food critic Ruth Reichl and I devoured all three of her books (which is what I suspect you should do with books written by a food writer!)

I downloaded a "The Cat Who..." book from because it was on sale and I was looking for something to keep me awake on the ride to Santa Barbara.  In Santa Barbara I borrowed another in the series, which I found on Dick & Gerry's bookshelf and that started my reading more of Lillian Jackson Braun. 

I read both of Meg Tilly's disturbing books, after seeing her interviewed on "The View," and I read both of midwife Elizabeth Letts' books after discovering that she had become and author (I worked with her for a year). 

There were three James Patterson books on the list, one Patricia Cornwell and one Ken Follett (all authors I always read when new works come out) and several which had to do with dogs (such as "Marley and Me," the best of the lot).

I'd like to do better in 2007, but now that I have an iPod which will allow me to keep up with vlogs and podcasts, I don't know how that is going to affect my reading!

As for movies, in 2005, we saw six in theatres.  I hoped to see more in 2006, but we saw only six movies in 2006 as well: Brokeback Mountain (Walt didn't see that one; I went with Ellen and Shelly); Prairie Home Companion, An Inconvenient Truth, Little Miss Sunshine, For Your Consideration, and Night in the Museum.  There were a lot of movies that came and went that I really wanted to see, but I have to wait until they come out on Netflix.  Perhaps in 2007, since Walt will be retired, we can set aside one day a week as "movie day" and take in a few of those Senior Citizen afternoon matinees.  Isn't that what retirement is all about?

I kept track of Netflix videos too.  In 2004, I rented 92 videos; in 2006 I only rented 53.  It seemed like all I was doing was watching Netflix videos because I went on such a "24" binge, watching the entire four seasons available on video within a couple of months, but then I think I OD'd on Netflix (or more appropriately, on the guilt of sitting here in the middle of the day watching videos!) and from September to December, I didn't watch any Netflix videos, though I have had three of them here waiting to be watched.  I'm not sure why I haven't run them, but I suspect that adding a DVR to our cable system has a lot to do with it.  Used to be that if I missed an episode of a favorite show, I had to hope I could catch it in reruns; now it's all recorded for me and it's hell, I tell you hell! to try to keep up!

Now if only I'd kept track of how much time I wasted keeping track of useless information like this vs. how much time I put into productive work, I suspect that the result would be pretty depressing!

I'll close this entry with a gift for Nancy (and a bunch of other people too, but mainly for Nancy):

I'd also like to add a note that if anybody reading this has a video iPod and could write to me privately, I have a few questions for you.  I have the "music" part of this down pat, but I need some help with video podcasts and would love a little assistance.



What a difference 3 weeks makes!



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