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24 February 2007

Yep, I'm back in Davis again, just passing through again, though I will be home longer than 12 hours this time.  I had to come home to review Camelot Friday night and a workshop production of a one-woman show on Saturday night, then I will head back to San Rafael to watch the Oscars with my mother and Peach. 

We're in the home stretch, though.  She goes to the doctor on Tuesday and then we'll find out how much assistance she's going to need following that.

I was excited to head on home because I was finally going to pick up the laptop.  I dropped it off Monday morning to have two problems fixed:  it didn't get sound when you play a DVD, and it wouldn't connect to the internet via dial-up (I know I've already written that, but this is a reminder).

The drive home was glorious.  It had stormed like crazy yesterday, but the sun had come out, the grass was a velvety dark green, the sky was filled with fluffy clouds and, despite the fact that I had lost all my money to that woman who pretends to be my mother (for "all my money" read: $1.30, for two games of "65"), I was about to pick up my brand shiny new computer and all was right with the world.

I stopped at CompUSA.  I had taken the laptop in on Monday morning, hoping the problems could be fixed while I waited, but no technicians were available.  It is now four days later and when I gave the guy my name he disappeared for a long time.  Then he came out and said that they were "just finishing up."  Now this is on a computer that had been declared "perfect" and "ready to go" when I picked it up two weeks before.  I think they just forgot to work on it, frankly.

But, whatever.  I had it back, finally, and I could take it to show my mother on Sunday.  In truth, I have to confess that I'm a little worried.  I can't tell her this, but her short term memory is really bad.  I suspect that a part of it is because of being cooped up in the house, with every day the same as every other day.  But both Peach and I noticed that she can't seem to remember things for very long.  Unfortunately, this seems to include her generous gift of the new computer.  I've talked about it a lot since I bought it and she hasn't once asked the price or said she would write me a check or anything.  I'm hoping that when it's actually here in front of her she'll remember.  Otherwise, I have a very large bill to try to figure out how to cover, because I'm not going to push her on paying for it if she's forgotten she offered to buy it for me.

I took the back road, through country roads, to home, because trees are just starting to come into blossom and, with the blue of the sky and the green of the grass, it was so beautiful.

The dogs and Walt were thrilled to see me and all three of them leaped all over me, in their excitement to see me come through the door.

I checked the mail, turned on the computer, checked e-mail and did some stuff I hadn't been able to do and then, when things had calmed down, I decided to give the new computer a test spin.

I unpacked it, stuck it on the kitchen table, got a DVD, hooked it up to the telephone, and turned it on.

The DVD (Singing in the Rain) started.  No sound.  I screamed in frustration and anger.

I decided to at least set up AOL.  I attempted to log on.  It wouldn't.  It was the same damn thing.  It would connect and then disconnect.  I think they just didn't even read the description of the problems.  They had told me over the phone that the sound would be a "simple reset of the sound" and how complicated is it to plug in a dial-up connection? 

I am so furious I am spitting nails.  I call the tech department and read them the riot act and the guy I spoke with was very defensive about it all.  I told him I was furious at having to drive 20 miles....again....and he told me that he just didn't know how "complex" a repair it was.  He's the guy who supposedly tested the machine originally and told me it was running smoothly and ready to go!!!!.  I've told him that if they can't fix it I want a full refund and I will go somewhere else and get a different machine.  This is totally ridiculous.

Mostly I'm just really, really disappointed because I've had this damn computer for three weeks and have yet to be able to actually use it enough to really check it out.

I was home long enough to cook dinner and get to opening night of Camelot, which had some real amazing high points, and then home to reconnect with my recliner.

It's good to be home, however briefly.


The babies who were just eggs when I first
moved down to my mother's are now
almost ready to leave the nest and strike out on their own.


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