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23 February 2007

"I need a glass of WINE!" I shouted. "This sobriety jazz is for the birds." I stomped off to the kitchen and poured myself a glass of chablis.

It's not like I'm "going off the wagon" or that I have a drinking problem or anything like that, despite having come from a long line of alcoholics. There just came a day when I realized that if I had a glass of wine at night, I usually fell asleep right after dinner and I thought what a waste of time that was. So I stopped joining Walt in a nightly glass of wine. Then I realized that my beverage of choice had really become water.

In those days we were still following the band around to dark and sometimes sleazy bars. I used to nurse a gin and tonic all night and one night I realized I could get a bottle of seltzer water instead... and then I could have two of them, so I started doing that.

Over the years I just stopped drinking alcohol almost altogether. It's not that I don't enjoy a glass of wine now and then but I find that most times if I have a glass of wine, I end up giving it to Walt to finish. If I can convince people that I really DON'T want a drink of liquor, they can't believe I don't want some sort of soft drink instead. I am constantly having to reaffirm that yes, I really do want water. Even having gone through this with me for more than 10 years, Walt still asks me what I want to drink when we go to a fast food store. Water. I want water. Cool, clear water.

But not tonight.

My two cousins, Peach and Kathy, arrived this afternoon. Kathy, who just turned 60 a couple of weeks ago, is spending the night and going home in the morning. Peach will take over for me here so I can go home and review two shows, Friday and Saturday night. I'll come back here Sunday and stay until (at least) Tuesday.

I could have gone home tonight, actually, but first of all, we were having a horrendous hail storm and I wasn't sure how far the rain extended and had no desire to drive home in a storm, and second ... I didn't want to miss the pajama party.

I'm not sure if you could call this evening a "pajama party," but I knew there would be lots of giggling and "girl talk," and I didn't want to miss the fun, as I usually seem to do. At one point my mother's stepson Ed called and she invited him to come and join us in the lasagne I had made for dinner, but he wisely declined. I can just see him surrounded by all this feminine silliness.

Peach got my mother talking about some of her childhood memories and I videotaped the story of how they used to roll back the rugs for dances in her parents' postage-stamp sized living room. My grandfather would sprinkle wax over the floor and the kids (my mother and her younger siblings) would put on sox and slide around on the floor to spread the wax so the adults could dance.

It wasn't long into all the chit-chat before the cards came out, the "kits" (baggies filled with coins) were pulled out and a game of "65" was underway.

For those who have not heard of this game, I think it must have been made up by friends of Peach & Bob's because I can't find any mention of it on line. To start, everyone puts in 2 quarters and sixty-five cents in smaller change into the pot. There are 13 rounds. The first round you deal each person 3 cards, 3s are wild and you have to have either 3 of a kind or a run of the same suit to go out. First to go out gets 20 cents and everyone else counts up what is in their hand that isn't some sort of a "set."

Second round you deal 4 cards and 4s are wild, third round you deal 5 cards and 5s are wild and so on up to 13 cards with kings wild. Someone wins each hand and gets 20 cents and when the game is over, the person with the lowest score takes the rest of the money.

Walt and I won all the money when we played this while my mother was in the nursing home (even tho Walt is not a card player). My mother, Peach and Bob play all the time and Bob is obsessed with beating my mother. Kath has played a bit, but not as much as the rest of us.

So we started the game. Peach and my mother were drinking wine, Kath was drinking Pepsi and I was drinking nothing. Things kept getting sillier and sillier and that was when I made the decision that I needed some wine to keep up with the sobriety level of the two drinkers.

In truth, I don't know that I "needed" it to have a good time, but at the time it was something funny to say and I did have a glass of wine, but ended up giving half of it to my mother.

Pajamas came out during American Idol and we watched and kibbitzed through that and CSI.

Pajama parties when you are in the 60-90 age range are somewhat different from when we were kids! There was Kathy hooked up to oxygen for her emphysema and Peach trying out her new cholesterol medication and all of us comparing our various aches and pains.

Staying power is less too! By 10, my mother and Peach had headed off to bed. Kathy is in working the new puzzle and I'm here on my journal. No more giggling into the night and I'm hoping I won't cough all night and keep Kathy (who is sleeping on the couch in the next room) awake.

The rain has just started pouring and it feels very cozy to be sitting here, with three women I love very much holed up in the three rooms around me.

It may have been a short pajama party, but I wouldn't have missed it for anything.


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