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20 February 2007


Question: How do you tell when Grandma is starting to feel better?

Answer: She gets out into the kitchen and mixes her own vodka and tonic!

Yes, here I am back in San Rafael after an all too brief stop in Davis.

We flew in to Sacramento at 10:30 last night, got home, I did a load of laundry, and was on the computer until 1:30, setting up "shell" entries for another week's worth of entries from San Rafael (and then discovered, ust now, that I forgot to post them! I hoped to write my feature article on the upcoming production of Man of La Mancha, but it was just too late, so I went to sleep.

In the morning, I was up at 5:45 and between then and 9 a.m., I did all the usual stuff on the computer (including downloading a lot of stuff from iTunes, since I had the great gift certificates Tom & Laurel had given me), wrote my article and sent it off to my editor (sending a copy to my g-mail account in case he has any questions), packed (again), got all the electronics assembled, packed up the car, and was on the road by 9:15.

I brought both computers with me, hoping (in vain, I suspected) that I could get my two minor fixes done at CompUSA while I waited. I was right--no technicians available, so I've left it there for the week. I did ask if everybody hated Vista as much as I do. "No," she said...they take our course ($29) and they learn to like it." She suggested I buy the extended warranty on the computer ($29). She then offered to sell me the backup disks to my system (which don't come with the computer) for another $29. I told her Microsoft was trying to $29 me to death and I did not opt for any of her offers. They'll probably put in a self-destruct mechanism that will blow up the day the warranty expires.

My mother had not set the house on fire in the couple of hours she was left alone. I hadn't been here in over a week and her condition has significantly improved since then. She is moving more, her pain is less, and she's tickled when she can do things on her own (like carrying two big bowls of ice cream into the living room for us to have this evening), and she is counting the days (8) until she gets her cast off.

In the time I've been away, the miniature daffodils on the back porch have bloomed and have been moved to the front porch where my mother can see them, and the mother dove hatched two babies in the hanging basket outside the front window.

After lunch, we were back at canasta again. We played 3 hands, which was all we needed for her to win two games and me to win one. My best hand was when I was able to go out while she had all of her cards still in her hand. She was minus so many points, she conceded the game immediately. I love it when that happens. I did find out that she really does cheat, tho. She confessed that the canasta deck is missing four cards.

Then we worked on her latest puzzle, surely one of the most difficult she has had (and I thought last week's puzzle was difficult!). Check the Photo of the Day. This is a painting by a man who is handicapped and must paint with the brush in his teeth. The puzzle explains that painting brings him peace. Well, not if you turn them into 1,000 piece puzzles! It is quite stress-inducing. I normally love working puzzles, but there was just something about this one. I was having a difficult time bonding with it and was sleepy.

My mother told me about a book my cousin had given her and mentioned that it would "only take an hour" to read it.

It's called "The Ultimate Gift," and while it's a bit preachy, it had a good message that I liked and, she was right--it took about an hour to read.

I was surprised to find her making her own cocktail when I finished the book and looked up. I had no idea it was already after 5 p.m. Obviously the book held my interest.

So here I am again, having been home less than 12 hours after our trip. I'll be here until Saturday, then home for 2 days and then back again until time to take her to the doctor to have her cast taken off. I'm not sure which of us is the more excited about that. I love having all this time to spend with her, but it's sure difficult to be 80 miles from home with much to do there, and no way to do it from here.



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