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14 February 2007

Things I am very tired of:

* Anna Nicole Smith.  I sometimes feel like I've walked into the all-Anna-all-the-time world.  It's better than the all-Scott-Peterson-all-the-time world, but not by much.  The woman was famous for being famous.  She was a publicly unfortunate woman who led a sad life, suffered her share of tragedy and died too young.  I am so incredibly uninterested in Anna Nicole Smith, alive or dead, and the only good thing about this much exposure is it is giving me the opportunity to finally catch up on all the stuff loaded on my DVR.

Let the woman rest in peace and leave her baby alone.

(and isn't the distraction of the death of a celebrity nice to keep us from thinking about that "ugly business" over in the middle east.  Anybody heard how many innocent civilians have died while the media has been obsessing over Anna Nicole?)

* In the "living airheads" category would  be Paris Hilton, who also appears to be famous for being famous (and rich).  I have yet to hear anything remotely interesting come out of her mouth and when I learned she had given away her chihuahua because it "got too big," all hope for any goodness in her soul evaporated.

* 24/7 hour news.  I've taken to having MSNBC on in the background while I work now, since I've seen every re-run of Little House on the Prairie at least 10 times.  24 hour news has revolutionized our lives, ensuring that no single moment of any public person's life, no matter how private is denied us, along with endless reruns of the same footage and interviews with everybody from the 3rd grade teacher, the kid they dated in junior high, the milkman for the family farm, and the guy who used to watch the famous person waiting at the bus stop.  They all have "personal observations" and thus insightful comments to make.  

(yes, Jeri, I realize that the solution is to turn off the TV, but there is a limit to how far I'll go in the name of personal irritation!)

* Any television network which turns the volume of its commercials up to ear-splitting levels to ensure that you have to come in and watch enough of it to mute the sound.

* The Biography channel, which used to be good, but which seems to have a particular fascination with criminals, the more heinous, the better.  Saturdays are devoted to the aforementioned Scott Peterson, Charles Manson and his gang, people who kill in sensationalistic and grizzly manners, any teacher who ever slept with her student or any mother who ever killed her children.  Is it any wonder that some problem kids plan elaborate crimes, when they see how much exposure criminals get?

* Attacking Rosie O'Donnell for daring to say the things that many of us are thinking and afraid to mention.  The woman has chutzpah and more power to her. 

* Donald Trump.  Need I say more?  (See Paris Hilton, above)

* Popular television programs which present truncated seasons and then run endless reruns, stretching "one" season over two years (Sopranos and Lost are two excellent examples).

* Commercials for erectile dysfunction products.  Amazing how in a world where one split second "wardrobe malfunction" on a woman standing in the middle of a football field filled with people who probably wouldn't even have noticed if the film hadn't been rerun more often than biographical retrospectives on Scott Peterson threatened to permanently damage the moral fiber of this country, it's OK to run endless quite explicit ads for pharmaceutical cures for "E.D.," complete with soft porn video warning about the bad effects of "erections which last longer than four hours."

* The continuing attack against gay marriage.  Tomorrow, I will be with Ellen and Shelly at the county courthouse, where the county clerk, Freddie Oakley will be giving out "certificates of inequality."  Read the story here

(to see the certificate in readable size, check here)

Word of the distribution of this certificate reached the "Campaign for Children and Families" which has issued the clarion call, which you can read here (tho I hate to give them the publicity of actually linking to their site). 

I am really, really, really tired of the issue of whom people love being the cause for so much hatred.



My annual photo of Shelly and Ellen...waiting 30+ years to marry.


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