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12 February 2007

It's been a very long day.

Taking advantage of the loan of Ned's video camera last night after the party, I sat up until nearly 2:30 transferring videos from my camera to my computer.  The videos went back to Christmas (be forewarned).

I couldn't start the transfer process until everyone went to bed because I didn't want to be rude.  We had Jeri, Walt's sister, and her friend Gingie staying with us.  Gingie had a minor accident with her car and ended up stranded in Davis, so we invited her to spend the night.

At 2:30, I finally decided I needed some sleep and I decided I could afford to sleep 4-1/2 hrs, so set the timer on the stove for 7 a.m., figuring I'd finish the last of the videos in the morning.

Unfortunately, I didn't think to clear that with Sheila, who decided to bark at 5:30.  I got up to quiet her down so she wouldn't wake all the sleeping bodies around the house, then I realized that I had to make a birthday coffeecake for Walt's sister, so decided that since I was already awake, I might as well just stay up.

I continued copying videos, and got a coffee cake made.

People started trickling downstairs around 7:30, Ned and Marta came in from Sacramento; Tom and Laurel came in from their hotel and we had breakfast for 9, complete with the birthday coffee cake.

After breakfast, people set off in all directions.  Ned & Marta went home; Walt and his sister went to the home she owns in Sacramento to do some business; Gingie went to meet a tow truck at the spot where she had her accident; Tom, Laurel and Jeri left for San Rafael, so they could all see Grandma before going home, and, shortly after, I followed them.   (Tom and Laurel were going on back to Santa Barbara, and I was bringing Jeri back here.)

I was already really dragging and the very last thing I wanted to do was make that trek to the Bay Area again, but I was going to pick up the new computer on the way, and that was a nice perk, which I figured would keep me awake for at least the first 30 miles.

The guy at CompUSA told me the machine was "flying" and that it was a great machine.  I stuck it in the trunk and finished the trip to my mother's.  It was all I could do to drag myself up the steps.  They were just starting a game of cards and invited me to play, but I just collapsed for awhile. I think I dozed off briefly. 

I really, really didn't relish driving back home again, but my comfort was knowing that I wouldn't have to:  Jeri could drive and I could get a nap which would leave me at least somewhat alert and I could finish off the review I've been struggling with.

I did eventually join the game just in time to lose all of my money (my "beginner's luck" has obviously ended), and then we had dinner. 

By 7:30, both Jeri and I were ready to leave but when I asked if she could drive, she confessed that she wasn't feeling well.  So I had to drive after all.  Thank goodness I made it home without falling asleep, but I feel like a limp dishrag.

What with one thing and another, I didn't get to sleep as early as I hoped, but I was too sleepy to even start the new computer.  THAT's sleepy.

(Though the astute among you will, by now, have noted that I did manage to get a journal entry written and a video posted...)

(NOTE:  I got all of Ned's photos for the retirement party and the slide show is here.)




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