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9 February 2007

I'm back home. 

It was a full day. Last night my mother decided she wasn't going to keep her post-hospitalization appointment with her PCP today.  This morning she called and cancelled it.  She said "I don't want to go to the doctor while I'm still in a cast.  I'll go after the cast is off."  Never mind that she is having shooting pains up her leg and I think that her toes are swollen (she doesn't).  Never mind that she gets angry whenever she moves her arm because it's not getting better; it's getting worse.

After she cancelled the appointment she said "I'm glad I cancelled it--my stomach is kind of queasy and I've had some diarrhea." 

God forbid the doctor should see her while she is not feeling well.

She reminds me of a friend of mine, who shall remain nameless but you know who you are who had a fall and bled so much from her head wound that she soaked through two towels and two pillows, but God forbid she should call 911.  Now she wonders why she has two lumps on her head and headaches.  But last I heard, she had not made arrangements to be checked out.

I shouldn't really complain.  These are the stupid kinds of thought processes that I have all the time, but somehow when it's me thinking them, they don't seem quite as stupid as they do when coming out of people I care about.

My mother is at a point in her recovery when it's going to be difficult to be around her, intermittently.  The novelty of the immobility has gone and the pain is wearing on her.  She wants out of her cast NOW.  She feels the doctors "won't tell  her" what's wrong with her arm, but the problem is that the x-rays don't show anything, and they've only told her that she needs to give it time.  My mother is not a person to give anything "time."  She wants to fix it NOW.  And I've been concerned about her in the last couple of days because she seems to be settling into a low grade depression, for logical reasons.

I'm glad Jeri will be here this weekend (for Walt's retirement party Saturday), because a visit from Jeri on Sunday will be a huge pick-me-up for her.

Before I left, I made sure all the dishes were washed, the sink cleaned, all the clothes folded and put away, my mother's bed made, all the furniture back to normal, the towels neatly folded in the bathroom, and the fridge stocked with food.

Rain had finally come to No. California, and it was pouring....

...and it didn't look like it was going to be letting up anytime soon, so I decided to leave at least in time to get a head start on rush hour traffic.  My mother would be alone for about four or five hours.  She promised not to play with fire while I was gone.

I did some computer shopping on the way home.  I checked Circuit City (where no salesman even looked in my direction), and CompUSA, where I had a very friendly, helpful, patient salesman.  I ended up buying a Compaq Presario

It's a low end but I don't need the power of the higher end machines.  It was tempting to get one that will write to DVD, but how often would I use that?  It would be nice to have a larger hard drive, but I won't even make a dent in an 80 GB hard drive.  It would be nice to have a dual processor, but even this one will have significantly more speed than my Toshiba.  It won't speed up internet connection at my mother's, but it has wireless capabilities, so any hotel with wireless will be SO much better.

Best of all, it won't have the glitches that the Toshiba has developed and I suspect that I won't be tossing it across the room any time soon.  I left it at CompUSA to have them set up.  I should be picking it up tomorrow.  Then the "bonding" process begins.

The dogs were happy to see me home (as was Walt).  Mostly they wanted their "we've come home" treat and didn't really care whether it came from me or from Walt.

I've told the story of our sushi experience a couple of times before here.  We go out to a sushi restaurant each year on Paul's birthday and David's birthday.  I was in San Rafael for both birthdays this year, so Walt called me this morning to ask if I wanted to go out for sushi when I got home.  I told him  I did.  I had sushi.  He had sukiyaki.

(cell phone pic)

Then there was all the stuff recorded on the DVR to watch, posted journal entries to polish, lots of journals and blogs and vlogs to catch up on (since I was unable to do any of that stuff while I was gone) and all the "coming home" stuff that I usually do.

I have dropped my suitcase in the kitchen and piled stuff on the counter.  It will probably sit there for 3 days before I get to it. 

Amazing how quickly those "neat" genes dissolve.



Life has returned to normal



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