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7 February 2007

Ever have one of "those" night?

I don't usually have "those" nights. I'm not one who tosses and turns, trying to get to sleep. Even when/if I wake up in the middle of the night for a potty break, I fall right back to sleep again.

Not last night. Man, I sure don't know what happened. You'd think I had a pot of coffee right before bedtime, but I hadn't had anything since mid-afternoon, which is not unusual for me (drinking coffee mid-afternoon).,

My mother and I had watched Dr. Phil's "Man Camp" together (she's a huge Dr. Phil fan. I kind of OD'd on Dr. Phil a few years back, when I just got tired of the "Jerry Springer"-like atmosphere of it all, and when I got tired of watching an endless parade of other people's dirty linens, supposedly presented for entertainment purposes).

My mother was feeling tired unusually early, which I attributed to the extra energy required for the meeting yesterday--more than she has expended since her accident--so she went to sleep right after Dr. Phil was over. I stayed up to watch Dr. Phil guest on Letterman, and then I got ready for bed.

I've been alternating between sleeping on the couch and in the recliner. There is a perfectly good guest bed, but, as all beds do, it kills my back and the couch is fine, especially with a nice heavy cover of blankets to burrow under. I usually start out on the couch and then move to the recliner if I wake up in the middle of the night.

It seemed to be taking an unusually long time to get to sleep, for me, but I was just kind of starting to doze off when the moaning began. It sounded like a banshee off in the distance, a low moan that got higher and was punctuated with cries of "Oh! Oh! Oh!"

You know how sounds distort in the dark. I couldn't tell if it was my mother, or if her next door neighbor was having problems. I was about ready to get up and investigate, when the moaning stopped. It looked at the clock. It was 12:45.

I lay back down again and tried to sleep, but the moaning and the "oh! oh! oh!" started again. I got up this time and it was coming from my mother. I told her later that I wasn't sure if she was having a bad dream or an orgasm, but she started moaning "don't go!" so I went over and stroked her forehead, which was sweaty, and asked her if she was OK. She had been having pains in her leg and in her arm before she went to bed and I wondered if she needed a pain pill.

She assured me she was only dreaming, so I went back to the couch, and the moaning did stop.

But I could NOT get to sleep. After a long time, I decided to try the recliner, but that wasn't any better. Somewhere around 3, I decided to plug in my iPod and turn on music very softly and hope that would put me to sleep. It may have helped a bit, because I had a dream in which the music was a part of the action, but I didn't sleep long.

I woke up and saw that my mother's light was on. She was reading. She told me later that would have been around 4 a.m. I sat there trying to sleep until her light went off, then I moved back to the couch again.

Earlier in the evening, I had written to Steve asking for some information and at 5:45 (which would have been 8:45 in New York, where he is, I finally got up and checked e-mail, but there was nothing from him, so I went back to the couch yet again.

Finally, finally, somewhere around 6 a.m. I must have fallen asleep and slept thru until I heard my mother moving around at 7:30.

I felt like a real zombie, and she wasn't feeling 100% either. We both had breakfast and then she decided to lie down again for awhile, so I turned on Regis and Kelly (guest: the ubiquitous Dr. Phil) and promptly fell asleep. We both slept until my cousin called and woke us up at 10.

We are just having a very weird day. When my mother went to her bed, she left the newspapers scattered around the dining room table...totally out of character for her. Neither of us was dressed until after 11 and, weirdest of all, I beat her at Canasta.

There is a new Boston Legal on at 10 p.m. so I know I'm going to have to have a second nap this afternoon if I'm going to see it. It's a good day to do it because all the cleaning has been done, there are leftovers up the wazoo in the fridge, so I don't need to actually cook, and the only chore that needs doing is balancing two bank statements, which I can't do, so I should have no trouble sitting down with a good book and falling asleep for awhile.

(written around 2 p.m. in the afternoon





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