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5 February 2007

Uh...that would, of course, be the UC Berkeley Bears women's basketball team, which defeated Stanford for the first time in 14 years, with an amazing 72-57 win.

You were thinking of some other Bears, perhaps?

Yeah...yeah...I know. There was that "other" big game going on today. We actually had a SuperBowl party here.

The day started with a dazzling sunrise


Then my mother crushed me for three games of canasta. We have reached a point where we don't even need to keep score. She's able to crush me in one hand, let alone a full game. A game goes to 5,000 points, but by the time she has gone out in three moves, leaving me with all my points in my hand, there is no point in counting. I just give up.

After that we finished the puzzle we'd been working on. Mary Z asked me if I'd introduced her to working puzzles on line. She won't touch anything that smacks of a computer. She reads e-mail and my journal, but can't find my journal unless I send her a link each day (a bookmark is too complicated for her). I, however, enjoy working puzzles on line. When I have a fast enough computer, of course.

Her stepson Ed came for the game, along with Walt, Ned and Marta. Ed had brought an extension to the ramp he installed for the wheelchair. This one makes a longer, much less steep slope, and I suspect I won't feel like I might slip and fall myself whenever I empty the garbage! The ramp extension was installed just before kickoff.

It is so unusual for Ned to actually watch a football game, that he took a photo with his camera phone of himself watching the game to send to a friend. I, of course, took a picture of him taking a picture of himself.

Walt, of course, gave the game his full attention.

The plan had been for me to fix a chicken stir fry dinner for everyone when the game was over, but we had a surfeit of food during the game and by the time it ended, nobody could even think of eating (except my mother, who had been holding back from the snacks because she was expecting stir fry!) They all went home, I cleaned up, and we have spent the rest of the evening watching TV.

Before they left, Marta (a professional massage therapist), gave my mother's arm a massage, hoping it would help. The arm is still giving her fits and I think is more of a problem for her than the leg, at this point.

As I write this, I am watching the end of a day-long Monk marathon. I had hoped my mother would enjoy Monk but she has had no interest whatsoever, once she watched about 15 minutes yesterday. Sigh. I'm disappointed. I really thought she would like it.

I'm going to head off to sleep now. We still haven't "cleaned," threats to the contrary. But a gang from Hospice of Marin is coming here tomorrow for a big meeting, and I suspect there is a lot of vacuuming in my future.

(Of course, the computer has picked tonight to act up. It doesn't think it ought to have to link to web pages when I ask it to. Have I mentioned how much I hate computers sometimes?)




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