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1 February 2007

(This is the #2500th entry I have written since March 2000.)

I was lying on my mother's bed watching her put on her makeup ("putting on my face," she calls it). If I hadn't seen that huge mountain of flesh reflected back at me in the wall-to-wall mirrors on the closet opposite me, I could have felt like a little kid again, sitting at Mommy's knee watching her become beautiful (or "beautimus," as she sometimes calls it)

I marveled at the pots of creams and ointments and lotions, the array of colors that were daubed here and there, the pencils, brushes, and tubes that applied their magic to various parts of the face. When it was all over, the 87 year old woman was gone and the beautiful 70-something woman smiled back at me.

Make-up has been a mystery to me my whole life. There was a time when I wore lipstick. There was a time when I tried wearing stuff on my face, but it made me claustrophobic and I never really knew how to apply it well anyway. I eventually just gave up and went au naturel.

There is something to be said for feeling ugly your whole life -- you save a lot of money on cosmetics and hair products to help enhance the beauty that you know is there and feel can be brought out with just a little artificial help. Walt never has to yell at me for the amount I spend on any beauty product. I buy cheap shampoo, cheap soap, no lotions, and no make up. Hey, world--I am what I am!

So watching my mother get "beautimus" each day is like a step through the looking glass, a new world...or an old one I forgot long ago.

Today the day she has waited for for three week finally arrived: Hannah came.

Hannah has been my mother's hairdresser for more than 35 years. Every Friday Hannah fixes her hair for the coming week. She used to work out of the beauty parlor she owned, but then she cut back on clients and now sees a select few in her home--or makes housecalls to shut ins.

One noteworthy thing about Hannah is that she always, my mother tells me, wears high heels. I watched her today and my feet hurt just looking at the height of the heels and watching her move around the kitchen doing my mother's hair.

She got the hair shampooed, cut, blow dried, and styled, while my mother sat in the wheelchair and tapped her shocking pink cast.

My mother said it was the first time she'd felt human in three weeks and that she now felt like she could "receive company."

Just in time, too, because my second cousin Denise arrived for a visit. She had just returned from a trip to So. California, helping her sister settle the estate of her (I think) mother-in-law, and she had returned with "magic," she told us.

She ceremoniously unzipped a garment bag and pulled out a lovely, old fashioned, beaded green evening gown that was obviously an antique. That wasn't the magic, though, she told us. When she had looked at it more closely, she found the tag that identified it as once having belonged to Mary Pickford. Visions of celebrations at Pickfair swirled in my head as she moved the dress around, the light from the sun casting a shimmer on the silver beads of the dress.

She hopes to find a local museum which would take it as a donation. I suggested the Performing Arts Museum in San Francisco, but she says she's a "hometown girl" and would like to keep the donation more local to Marin County.

Hannah left, Denise stayed for lunch, and my mother, now "beautimus," spent the afternoon working a jigsaw puzzle (her first since returning home--she's a puzzle fiend) while I finished off my book, "Love from Baghdad," of which I will write a review when I get home Amazing book.





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