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Cousins Day, December 2007


31 December 2007

It seems like we haven't really hosted all that many dogs this year, but when I look back on it, we really did our share.  I wanted to remember them all.

I couldn't do a lot in January because of my mother's accident, but the "Xmas puppies," Rudolph, Dasher and Dancer, came back briefly on their way to adoption.
Lana and Martin came in March but were only here for a very brief time.  They were older puppies and into everything.
  Dakota was the first of the "special ones."  She came at the end of March.  She had been picked up wandering around the streets of Dixon by someone driving a Dakota wagon, hence her name.  She was here till the end of April
Google was an adult Chihuahua/Corgi mix who had been found in a suitcase somewhere.  She came to us on May 5, but didn't stay long, because puppies needed me.
Ruby, Crystal and Tipper arrived as 1 week old puppies on May 13. They were with us until June 21, when we went to New York on vacation.
The "Africa" puppies came on 7/11 and were with us while Peggy was touring Africa (hence the names, Sopa, Tattoo and Goro). They left a month later and were the only puppies that we know recognized us when we saw them at Petco a month later.
Rhiana and Teresa were only with us for a couple of days.  They were almost too big for the playpen and, like Lana and Martin they were very mischevious and into everything.
I think Betty was only here for a day or two.  She just needed an interim home between foster homes (or when a foster family was on vacation).  Sweet dog, but much too big!
Mabel arrived 9/14 and was with us for a month.  She was another of the very special ones.  The woman who had her made arrangements a couple of times to give her up, and I'm glad she finally did.  She was adopted by someone from the Sheriff's department who trains dogs.
Rupert was a sweet little Chihuahua / pit bull mix who came on 10/27 and found a "forever home" on 11/10. 
Luna was only here for a week.  She was another very sweet dog who was more "puppy" than I wanted to deal with.
Poor little Belle was only here a few days.  She arrived so terrified.  I was never able to touch her.  She is now with a foster family that is trying to teach her how to trust again.
Remember when Daisy (aka Chunk) was this little and cute?  This little cutie is now hanging onto my pant cuffs and I walk down the hall, dragging her behind, and terrorizing Half Pint.
And finally there is Half Pint, who is also still here and who has become quite a scruffy little Chihuahua as she learns to cope with such a chunk of a "big sister."

So it's been a lot more of a dog-ful year than I thought, when I look back over it.  For the 22 we had there are countless others fostered by other families like us.  The Yolo SPCA is a no-kill organization which has no facility, so all dogs live in a home until they find a "forever home."  Dogs like Belle, who would easily be put to death in normal shelters, will have a chance to grow to trust human beings.  It makes me feel so good to know that we are part of the system that made it possible for all these dogs to find good permanent homes.


I absolutely love this picture.  Be sure to check the glass door!!


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