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16 December 2007

It's nice to have semi-famous friends with more famous friends.

You can read about Steve & Jimmy's evening out with Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner and Charlotte Rae here.

A not-so-famous, but up-and-coming famous person is 6 year old Malia, the hostess of Minor News Today

Malia (known as "Bunny" in her show) and her mother were interviewed on CNN this morning.  I was prepared for the interview because Malia's grandmother had written to me yesterday and sent me a link to one of the show's episodes, which is on YouTube.  I fell in love with Malia then and there.  The term "militantly adorable," which I first encountered in The Last Session, definitely applies to this precocious little girl.

(I hope Keith Olbermann sees her book report on Bill O'Reilly's book!)

Now, the reason I heard from Malia's grandmother is that Malia's mother performed with David (and possibly with Tom too) in high school, and we have known them for a very long time. 

After the CNN report aired, I sent a note to Malia's Mom congratulating them on the appearance and it was nice to hear back from her.  She's an extremely talented woman, whose talents were much in evidence even in high school, and it's fun to see what has happened to her in the interim.

But whatever you do, do yourself a favor and check out Minor News Today.  The first show aired on November 13 of this year and they have been broadcasting 5 days a week.  Apparently it has already attracted quite a following.  Malia is missing several teeth at the moment and I wonder if it will still be as cute when the teeth come in!

And speaking of "teeth coming in," Daisy is definitely getting her teeth and teething on everything.  I had to put a gate in front of my knees here at my desk to prevent her from getting to the electrical cords.  She is now teething on the wooden legs to this desk, which I don't care about.

She is putting on so much weight and becoming so solid that I've started calling her "Chunk" because it is much more descriptive than "Daisy" was.  She and Half Pint play-fight all the time (see video of the day!), but they really like each other (see Photo of the Day).

The nice thing about them having become good friends is that when I put them in the playpen at night there is not one peep from either of them.  They just curl up together and go to sleep.  I don't hear from them, usually, until after I'm already awake.


We received a mysterious Christmas card today.  It is like a large postcard, with edges that look like they've been cut with special scrapbooking scissors.  It's addressed to "Bev & Walt Sykes" and has a Kwanzaa stamp.  This is the back side:

The card is unsigned, so if you sent it, could you please write and identify yourself!  (I know Char & Mike couldn't possibly have sent it because Mike wouldn't ask directions if his life depended on it!)




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