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15 December 2007

Oh, please to do be sure to watch this video from JibJab, if you have flash and are able to run it!

Don't send a lame Holiday eCard. Try JibJab Sendables!

Making the video (well, Jib Jab did most of the work, but I did have to do some work on it!) set the tone for the fun day that today was.  I watched the video countless times today so you'd think I could remember the detail that I needed to know for a quiz later, but...noooo.

I actually did Christmas baking today.  I made some of the "goodness sake" cookies I spoke about the other day.  I packed some up to take to the party tonight, and set some others for the writing group next week.

I've written about this party before.  The entertainment editor of the paper throws a wonderful party each Christmas. You don't need directions to his house.  Just find the right street and keep driving until you get to a house that makes you go oooooooo, and you're there.

Every year he adds something new.  This year on the approach to the door we got to finally see what's inside Snoopy's house.

Each year there is mulled cider and great finger foods and fun quizzes, one of which involves counting every Snoopy in the living room (few get the right number--there are a lot of them, counting greeting cards, statues, candles, hanging lights, etc., etc., etc.). 

I worked for awhile on the Christmas version of mondegreens (misunderstood lyrics).  You had to have 37 out of 40 to win (identifying the lyrics and the name of the song), and I missed 3 songs completely, so that got me out of the running. 

Walt usually wins the game where you try to identify which one of 8 pictures is not like the others.  This involves going all over the house, many times, to compare little bits of the picture, but I think he was having too much fun chatting (or didn't feel like running around the house when his arm was still hurting him), so neither of us won any prizes this year.

But I had a great time having my yearly catch-up session with the woman who was the theatre critic before me.  We had lots of war stories to share, lots of the same joys and frustrations, we know a lot of the same people, both on stage and off, so it's always fun to chat with her.  I usually end up copying down her e-mail address (again) and send her stuff after the party, then we don't communicate until the party the following year!

It was about 9:45 when we left (being such party animals!) and we came home to find two puppies who were afraid to jump off of the recliner where they had been sleeping when we left, so were very happy to see us and to run outside for a few minutes.




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