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7 December 2007

Yes, today was the day Walt got his cast off!

I was out of here by 7, dropping the older dogs off at the dog-sitter.  Normally we wouldn't do that for being gone a few hours, but we had tree guys coming to chop down a tree in our back yard.  Walt tried to reschedule the appointment when it conflicted with his doctor's appointment, but we had waited 3 months to get it and they couldn't tell us how much longer we had to wait, so we made arrangement for them to just come into the yard while we were out.  Which meant the dogs had to go somewhere while we were gone.

They appear to really love being at Kathy and Miguel's house and Lizzie always comes home brushed, which is very nice.  It's nice when the people who board your dogs are also your dog groomers!

We drove into Kaiser and the cast was cut off, then he was x-rayed and then, since were more than an hour early, we sat in the waiting from for a long time.

Finally he was called to see the doctor and was back out again very quickly, having been given the all-clear to go home.  We got back next week for his first physical therapy appointment.

He's very relieved to be rid of the that heavy cast, but disappointed that his arm is so stiff and sore.  He accidentally hit it against a table today and said it hurt a lot.

By the time we got home, the men were just cleaning up, having chopped up the tree.  Their big truck was in our driveway, so I pulled across the street.  Walt thought he was hot stuff when he was able to drive the car across the street after the men left.

I decided to do some real Christmas shopping, so left Walt here with Daisy and I took myself to lunch.  It was raining and I loved the look through this archway.

I actually bought a few gifts, which means that I now have a few gifts for Christmas. Yay me!

When I got home, there was the yard to put back to rights.  The tree guys had left big chunks of the tree trunk lying in big piles all over the place.  We had to move the fence back to where it blocked off the side of the house so Sheila can't bark under our neighbor's bedroom window. 

If you want to see a comedy of errors!  It had been raining softly all day, so over on where the thick logs (about 4-10" across) were was rapidly becoming a swamp.  There we were Walt with the use of only one arm, me wearing Birkinstocks and my feet sinking in up to the tops of my feet every time I moved, both of us trying to pick up these logs and toss them off to the side so we could get the barricade back up again.  If only it hadn't been raining, it would have made a good movie!

The big dogs were happy to have me show up for them, I had a nice visit with Kathy and her new foster dog, and we were home in time for dinner and Jeopardy.

Things went well in the evening until I sat on the puppy.  Fortunately, she was sleeping in my squishy recliner, so I just kind of surprised her (and me!) and didn't hurt her.  But it was an effective way to wake her up.

It's very strange but my December calendar is starting to look like my mother's.  Normally I go for months and the only thing written in is shows I have to review, but I review a show tomorrow, have a Christmas party on Saturday, another party on Sunday, I give blood on Monday, work at helping coordinate boxes for poor people on Tuesday, take Walt to physical therapy on Thursday, go to a Christmas party on Friday, and review a show on Saturday.

Whew.  My mother does this every day of every week.  I don't know how she does it!


This was NOT taken right after I sat on the puppy!  LOL.



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