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31 August 2007

Of course we couldn't go for a long time without a new dog.  The call went out for emergency foster homes.  I didn't respond right away, though I did think about volunteering to take the 8 week old puppies...but then remembered that 8 weeks is when I generally give them away, so I didn't respond.

But then came the second call.  They desperately needed a home, for the weekend, for Betty.

Betty is a six year old lab/shepherd mix (so she's even older than Sheila, but if you notice, her ears match Sheila's, one up and one down).  She seems very mellow, but also very skittish.  Her foster family will be home Sunday, so she will only be here until then.

But she's so big!  She does fit through the dog door--barely.  But after she'd gone through it about 3 times, the frame of the door peeled off, so that will have to be fixed when she leaves.

There has been a lot of pacing around here.  The dogs aren't sure who is boss and who is low girl on the totem pole.  Mostly they have been ignoring each other, though there was a skuffle when I made the mistake of giving all three a treat.  Sheila attacked Betty to get hers away from her.

I don't have any good photos of Betty because she is camera shy.  She's been settling down on the dog beds across the room from my recliner and as soon as I touch a camera, she casually gets up and leaves the room.

But she and I hit it off right away (except for the camera thing).  When Walt, Jeri and Phil came home from Santa Barbara, she was extremely nervous and wouldn't go anywhere near Walt for a long time.  She's still not really sure what she thinks of him and as soon as she sees him coming, she finds a place to hide behind me.

She really is a lovely dog, if too big for this house.  Of course, most dogs that come here as fosters are on their best behavior until they settle in and feel more at home.  But I suspect she's just a very nice dog period.  Since she is six years old, she is going to have a more difficult time finding a home, but I hope she finds herself a "forever family" soon.  She deserves it.

She was found abandoned somewhere.  She had been microchipped, so they were able to contact the people who owned her previously and they denied ever having a dog.


(from the Petfinder web site)



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