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26 August 2007

Well, I wasn't completely the worst mother in the world.  I did remember that Marta was having an open house for Ned's birthday a day late.  And I also knew my son well enough to know that he would hate getting a "Lordy, Lordy, Ned is 40" shirt and would never wear it, so I decided to surprise him by giving him a t-shirt that he would think was a Lordy shirt before he opened it, but was really a shirt that he might actually like.  And might actually wear.

As it turned out, he said he loved it and wore it through the party.  I told him that from now on whenever he put that shirt on, he is to imagine that it really says "Lordy, Lordy, Ned is 40."

(Jeri pointed out that we had given her two Lordy shirts when she turned 40 and that she never wore either of them, except to have her photo taken).

Anyway, Marta threw a lovely, low-key shindig for Ned.  Jeri said at one point that she loved it because wherever she walked, she ran into a different part of her life.  There were the folks from the Pinata group (the group that has known Ned since before he was conceived), people from high school, people from the band, people from Boston (who used to live in Davis), Paul's widow, Audra (newly married), the second generation band kids, family (including Peach and her husband and their grandson Matthew, who desperately wanted to hang out with other musicians). 

There were also people from Ned's work and neighbors dropped by as well. 

Ned's best friend Greg came and, except for the fact that his wife and their two children came too, you wouldn't know that the two guys have left high school (they're still acting wild and crazy).

You can't even tell Ned's age by his hair color.  A month ago, when he and Marta had a family portrait done for her parents' anniversary, he had let all the grey show; now he's gone back to wild colors again.

I was able to don the title "worst mother in the world" again when I suddenly remembered Marta had asked me to bring a salad, and I had forgotten.  Fortunately, Jon, who barbequed beef tri-tips and veggies, had enough food for an army and nobody noticed that there was no big green salad.

And of course, there was music.  There is always music at one of these parties.  Matthew got his chance to sit in with the old guys and play some guitar while Marta filmed and young Milo played the slide whistle.

I figure if I start now, I should have a slide show done for Tom by the time he turns 40 in a few years.  Fortunately, Ned had done his own slide show.

He knows me too well.


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