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25 August 2007

When Jeri turned 40, we flew to Boston to help her celebrate.  I posted a long entry on my journal about her birth and I spent a week making a slide show to be the "video of the day."

For Ned's 40th birthday, I planned to do something similar.  Things that are different this time are:  (1) my scanner wasn't working and I needed to buy a new one, (2) all the scrapbooks, which used to be just steps from my desk are now upstairs, and (3) this has been the busiest week I've had in a year.  I kept saying I would get to it right away.  Also, with posting the Cousins Day entry late, I got off of my usual routine and the day just crept up on me.

On the morning of August 25, Ned's 40th birthday, Walt came downstairs and said "does Funny the World have a circulation department?  I didn't get my journal this morning."

Holy Shit.  Not only did I not do the slide show (thinking that I still had several days I could work on it), but I hadn't even written a journal entry.  It was waaay too late to do a loving happy birthday slide show.  Heck, even the birthday song that I posted for him a couple of years ago is no longer available on line, since the Timbertrout web site is down.

What to do? What to do?

Well...essentially nothing.  There was no time to do anything because we had to get to San Francisco to pick Steve's friend Amy up at the airport and take her on a grand tour of the city before meeting Steve for dinner and going to the penultimate performance of The Big Voice.

So I'm feeling like the worst mother in the world.  I prepared so diligently for Jeri's 40th birthday and all I could do for Ned was to send him a text message on my cell phone as we were leaving Davis.

Doesn't mean I don't love him.  Doesn't mean I don't wish him a happy birthday (there is a party for him tomorrow, which we will attend), doesn't mean anything except that I just didn't get around to doing all those things that I did for Jeri.

I am the worst mother in the world.

However, the worst mother in the world had a great day, once she got past her guilt about being the worst mother in the world. 

Amy is a 27 year old songwriter (lyricist), who lives in New York and who pretends to be a paralegal in her spare time, when she's not chatting with Steve on line or writing song lyrics.  She decided to fly out to SF to surprise Steve and Jimmy for their last two performances.  She swore me to secrecy and then couldn't stand it and told Steve anyway, but she was a surprise for Jimmy.

She had never been to SF before and would only be in California for two days, so I offered to pick her up and give her the grand tour.  And we had a great time.

We started at Twin Peaks, where she froze in her thin dress because it was 94 when she left NY at 4 a.m. so she didn't think to bring a sweater.

We drove out along the ocean beach and stopped for lunch at the Seal Rock Inn, where Gilbert & I used to have omelettes on Sunday, when I was in the city.  Then we drove down to Fort Point, beneath the Golden Gate bridge for a photo op.

We did all my favorite hot spots, including the Filbert St. hill, the steepest in the city, with a 31.5 degree grade -- always impressive for tourists!

We went across the Golden Gate bridge to Marin County to get my mother and then we brought her back to SF with us to go and see The Big Voice, after we had dinner at our favorite crepe place before the show.

She seemed to enjoy the show and, of course, got a big Steve hug when it was over.

...and Amy's arrival was, indeed a big surprise for Jimmy, so the whole thing was a big success.

Happy birthday, Ned...from the worst mother in the world.  I love you.  I hope you had a great day.




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