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4th of July Barbeque


(or Cousins' Day #5)

23 August 2007

"I'm really curious about what goes on at Cousins' Day," Jeri said, suspiciously.

The four of us looked at each other and began giggling.

"What happens at Cousins' Day stays at Cousins' Day," Kathy reminded her, but then added "I can tell you some things that do go on, though:  talking, laughing, crying, playing cards, eating, and drinking."

Jeri had succeeded in infiltrating the closed circle of Cousins' Day as it was winding down.  As we were eating dinner the night before, my mother decided that she wanted to take Peach, Kathy and me to high tea at this little tea shop she had discovered in Petaluma.  Peach was particularly excited because she'd never had high tea before (Kathy had been to the Victoria Hotel in Vancouver and I'd had high tea at Kew Gardens in England, as well as at Harrod's once when my mother came with us to London.)

Jeri, had been playing a gig in San Francisco with the Preoccupied Pipers and guest soloist, Steve (Schalchlin) the night before, but she was due to come to my mother's on Thursday at some point, so we called to find out if she would be there in time to join us for high tea.  She said she'd be sure to get there in time, so we said we would wait for her.

But before there was high tea, there was talking, laughing, crying, playing cards, eating and drinking.  It was my turn to make the drinks and this time I made an orange Cosmo (vodka, something called orangecello---or something like that--and cranberry juice).  It wasn't quite as delicious as my rasptini of a couple of months ago, but we still managed to drink three each.  (It was a dirty job, but someone had to do it).

(sure you remember last month's booby prize, right?)

There were perhaps more tears this time and less laughter, but still lots of laughter.  But none of us went home with aching sides like we had last time. 

And just to prove that we do more than drink and eat at Cousins' Day, I give you this bit of evidence.

We played lots and lots of games of "65."  I even won one and don't feel I need to replenish my "kit" (bag of coins) for next Cousins' Day.  I must be doing better.  Overall, however, I'm still way down in number of games won.  The others cheat.

In the morning, Jeri arrived and we headed off to Petaluma for high tea, which was so much fun.  As I write this it is 6 p.m. and I'm still stuffed.

Finally, just because this is supposed to be a journal of my life, I will add the following photograph to mark the issue that the people involved understand very well, and the rest of you don't...but I like the photo and years from now it will make me smile to remember.

For those who don't know, here is the history of Cousins' Day.




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