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21 August 2007

We've been empty nesters for so long that I sometimes forget how much I love hanging out with our kids.

August is a great month because Jeri takes a two week vacation to come to California.  She manages to fit more into two weeks than most people, and she's very good about spreading her time around so that she gets to spend time with all of her friends and all of her relatives as well.  Phil is with her and will stay until the end of September, to allow him time to get up to Oregon to visit his relatives up there, but Jeri goes home all too soon.

She and Phil spent their first night at Ned's, rehearsing for the Preoccupied Pipers show, then they moved here, where they have spent the past two nights.

We always do "family movie night" when she's in town and last night was the night.  We met Ned and Marta at Steve's Pizza in Sacramento, near their house, where we all had a couple of kinds of pizza and their salad bar (best I've ever found).  Nothing monumental was discussed, nothing special happened, we just laughed and enjoyed each other's company, and reminisced  about the previous night's concert.

Ned is working on a big presentation at Arco Arena for the radio station for which he works, so he went home to finish up some of his projects.

Jeri, Phil, Walt and I went to see Hairspray.  What a delightful film.  Nikki Blonsky, who plays Tracy Turnblad is just so genuinely likeable that she makes you happy through the whole movie.  I was less impressed with John Travolta's cross-dressing role as Tracy's mother, but Christopher Walken showed a rare side of himself as a singer, dancer, and comedian.

I had to laugh as we were waiting for the movie to start and I glanced to my right at Walt, Jeri and Phil and saw this:

Nothing like family interaction and togetherness in the 21st century!  (At least we weren't texting to each other!)

Jeri and Phil decided to cook dinner for us tonight, so I cancelled my appointment with that women's help organization in Sacramento.  I had been wavering and this gave me the good excuse to do it.  Jeri is here for such a short time and why spend most of the day interviewing with an organization I wasn't 100% sure I was going to mesh with?

After they returned from their day-long bike exploration of Davis, Phil got the BBQ set up in the back yard

while Jeri worked on cooking kale and making mozarella and tomato salad with heirloom tomatoes.

Kind of a different thing, seeing Jeri working in the kitchen.  I'm used to Tom and Ned whipping up gourmet treats, but cooking has never been Jeri's "thing."  Having Phil living with her has taught her all sorts of new skills.  Phil's a great cook and Jeri is learning how to cook as well. 

They put on a great spread

--barbecued chicken, barbecued corn, brown rice with pesto, kale, the heirloom tomato salad, and a loaf of fresh bread with barbequed garlic to spread on it.  We also had drinks called "Dark and Stormy," which is a couple of kinds of rum mixed with ginger beer and a slice of lime added.  Pretty tasty.

We had a wonderful time sitting and chatting thru dinner.  I loved the whole evening.  Best of all is how happy Jeri looks and how good she and Phil are together.




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