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19 August 2007

"I know those people," a voice off in the distance said, as Walt and I were getting out of the car.  "We haven't seen you in forever."

We looked and there, silhouetted against the setting sun were Glen and Barbara, Glen with the same tattered safari hat he always wears, camera bag slung around his neck.  The years melted away and it was as if we were back in 1999 or 2000, heading to a Lawsuit concert.

We sort of were.  The Preoccupied Pipers, comprised of some members of Lawsuit and an extra here and there get together once a year to play the International Pop Overthrow in San Francisco.  They record music all year -- now that there are computers and music programs and the like, it's possible for Jeri to record something in Boston, e-mail it to K.C. in Berkeley and have him mix it with recordings made in his studio -- and then the groups plays for a 15-20 minute set in a club in San Francisco and disband for another year.

This year they put together a fund raising concert on the outdoor stage behind the Art Center, where Lawsuit performed many times.  It was kind of a rehearsal, with the option of an audience, if anybody showed up.

Glen and Barbara are the parents of Steve, the trumpeter (who, as it turned out, was unable to be at the concert tonight).  The four of us walked over to the stage area and it suddenly became old home week.  There were the parents of most of the people in the band, people we haven't seen since the last time we got together for music and reminiscing, people who have moved out of Davis, but came back for this one short concert.

Up on stage were "the kids" (I use the term "kids" advisedly, since some of them are now in their 40s!).  Some with less hair, some with more avoirdupois, but all with the familiar instruments (except for Marta, who was playing bass guitar instead of her usual trombone).

It was fun to see Ned sitting there, center stage again, with his drum set -- the old Lawsuit logo covered over with a paper Preoccupied Pipers logo.

The music started and Jeri was doing everything -- playing the saxophone and flute, and singing, including doing "The Punctuation rap," which was definitely a side of Jeri I hadn't seen before!

Even Jeri's boyfriend Phil got into the act by playing the congas.

They played new songs and then they played old Lawsuit songs, which were fun to hear again and, surprisingly, for the first time for me, not emotional hearing someone other than Paul singing them.

We parents laughed when they did "Oh Boy," the song where the band traditionally jumped up and down at one spot...the jumps lasted a shorter time and weren't as high...the kids are getting older too!

It was all very silly, very nostalgic, and a lot of fun.  The show didn't last all that long -- the "kids" are out of practice and are getting older, and the parents were talking about it being past their bedtime!

But it was great fun taking the trip down memory lane and laughing again with the people with whom we used to spend most weekends in smoky bars!





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