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18 August 2007

I'm going to ask for people's gut feeling here. 

First of all, let me state that I've decided it's time to put on my shoes and leave the house.  I've said before that my problem with going to the gym was my reluctance to leave the house.  Of course I do leave the house all the time, to review shows and go to the store (as seldom as I can get away with).  But pretty much other than the "basics," I stick to the house. 

I've had this nagging feeling that I should be "doing something" constructive in the world.  I feel like I'm wasting what little time I have left and I want to get back to volunteering somewhere.

My cousin Kathy is having those same nagging thoughts and on our last return trip from cousins day, Peach suggested that Kathy look into the "rocking babies" program at a local hospital.

I remembered that was something I had always thought about doing, so I checked it out as well, and I have received papers to apply for the volunteer position.

In the meantime, I was contacted by a an organization in Sacramento, whose mission statement reads,  "[this organization] is dedicated to reducing the number of infants facing abandonment, foster care, abuse or death by giving pregnant women in crisis the opportunity to make informed choices for themselves and their children, while developing the skills necessary to become productive members of the community."

They are opening up their first birth-mom home and are looking for volunteers to help.

Someone from the group was interviewed on TV months ago and I liked the idea of helping homeless women and victims of domestic violence deal with their problems.  At that time I contacted the group to inquire about volunteer opportunities, but I didn't hear from them until fairly recently.

Since I first heard of the group, they have acquired a slick new web site and looking it over I began to feel somewhat uncomfortable.

There is a link to an article in the Sacramento Bee in which the woman who runs this group says that she is not anti-abortion and that this is not any sort of religion-sponsored organization, but I'm just uneasy that it might really be that.

Two of their sponsors are Wendy's and Curves, both of which are known to be big supporters of pro-life organizations.  On the other hand, someone told me that they are also supported by the Sisters of Scota, which is a women's motorcycle group whose membership is not entirely lesbian, but there is a large lesbian population among the membership and I don't imagine they would support any group which is a thinly veiled religious organization.

The article does say that many of the women don't come until the very end of their pregnancy, which is encouraging (too late to offer anti-abortion counseling).

I'm sure there are those reading this who are pro-life.  I worked in an ob/gyn office for too long not to be pro-choice.  Nobody likes or promotes abortion, but I have come to the decision, for myself, that it is an individual choice and I am against pressuring women to do something against their will.  So, I would find myself very uncomfortable if this were going on in this organization.

So what I'm curious about is your reaction, particularly if you are pro-choice.  How does the web site hit you, especially reading through the newspaper article about it.  (You have to register to see it, so I copied the text and uploaded it to my site so you can avoid that registration thing.  Just go here.)

I am torn.  I like the concept of this organization, but I want to be sure that it really is what I hope that it is and that there is no hidden agenda.

And if there is, there is still the rocking babies program!




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