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17 August 2007

It seemed like a good idea at the time.  We were going back to San Francisco to see The Big Voice again, this time with Mike and Char.  Walt had a dental appointment in Berkeley, so he would take the train down and I would meet him at the crepe place with Mike & Char for dinner.

I realized, as I planned this caper, that my next 365 photo would be a Friday picture, and on Friday a lot of people post pictures of themselves with their feet up.  It's kind of a silly thing called "It's Friday So Put Your Feet Up and Take a Break," or "FUTAB" for short.  People with -- you know -- a shoe wardrobe and not the same pair of Birkinstocks every day have interesting pictures of their interesting shoes.  Me?  It's Birkinstocks, or bare feet, so I have tried to at least make the background interesting. 

I realized I could drive down to the city early, drive up into the headlands and take my "feet up" picture overlooking the Golden Gate bridge.

It worked out beautifully, as I knew it would.  But to get this picture, I had to leave Davis early so I would get the afternoon sun, and not run the risk of that 4 p.m. fog rolling in.  So I packed up to leave around 2 p.m.  I would take the picture and then go either out to the beach and sit overlooking the ocean and read my book, or drive over to the Palace of Fine Arts and find a spot to read until time to meet the gang for dinner.

I packed up camera, tripod, iPod, cell phone, and jacket.  I fed the dogs, and then gave them their "I'm leaving the house so behave yourselves" treat.  I made sure the carport lights were on so we didn't come home to a dark house.  I picked up the mail and the newspaper.  I got in the car and headed off to the city, only to realize after I'd gone about 3 miles, that I had not brought a book after all.

Well, no problem.  I'd stop at Borders on the way down, which I did.  Managed to blow $50 on three books in a "3 for the price of 2" sale, a deck of Hillary Clinton playing cards as a birthday present for Jimmy, which meant then also buying a little bag to put them in, and some tissue paper to wrap them in for the bag and then at the last minute I threw in something called "San Francisco souvenir in a box."  I didn't have a clue what it was, but what the heck.  It was Jimmy's birthday.  (I still don't know what it was!)

I drove down through Marin County and was pleased that it was such a gorgeous day.  I managed to find a good place to take my FUTAB picture and then drove across the bridge and into the city.  At the last minute, I decided to go on out to the ocean beach and maybe take some photos there.  I drove out through Sea Cliff and through the grounds of the Lincoln Park Golf Course, where some golfer managed to hit a ball into the side of the car (no visible dent, fortunately).

The beach was very busy....

I watched for awhile, took lots of pictures and then meandered through Golden Gate Park where I came across this bizarre thing, which I'd never seen before.

It seemed terribly out of place in among all the greenery of the park.

I finally ended up driving through town and parking half a block from the theatre.  It was just 6 p.m. and I thought it might be a good idea to drop Jimmy's present off with the stage manager before heading off to dinner. I started to give it to her, but she said Jimmy was in the theatre, so I just went in and gave him the package and we chatted for awhile.

I finally walked up to the crepe place, arriving half an hour early, but settling in with a glass of water to wait for the others.  I left a message on Walt's cell phone that I was already at the restaurant.  Ned and I exchanged some text messages and Walt arrived, followed shortly after by Mike and Char.  By the time we ordered dinner I had read about 8 pages of the book I'd made a special stop at Borders to buy!


The show was fabulous, of course.  They've been playing this show for about five years now; I've seen it several times and it is still evolving.  It has changed since we saw it in the previews here.  One song is out, a couple of scenes shortened, one song changed significantly in temp and blend.  It just keeps getting better and better.  The audience was very responsive and gave them the usual standing ovation at the end.

We didn't hang around to chat after the show because we were taking Mike and Char back to their car at the BART station across the bay, but they said they loved the show.

It really was a lovely day.  Weather was great.  Views spectacular, dinner delicious and the show was the topper.  I'm going off to sleep on a real high.





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