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11 August 2007

"I'll have to write to Char and tell her that we went four whole hours, after we got home, without puppies," Walt said.

Theresa and Rhianna are 10 week old border collie/Aussie shepherd mixes who needed a home for a couple of nights.  Naturally we said we'd take them.  Boy--the difference between 6 week old puppies and 10 week old puppies!

I suppose if we had kept the Tattoo group for four more weeks, we would have gently eased into the energy level that these two little girls have, but they burst into the scene here, bundles of energy who are tall enough to knock things off of tables and who are chewing on everything.

They require constant supervision in the house -- and, of course, both immediately go in opposite directions -- so we put them out in the yard for the rest of the afternoon. 

They were initially a little intimidated by the big dogs, but by dusk, Rhianna was chasing around after Lizzie and seemed to be enjoying playing with her.  Theresa is a little more timid, but, like her sister, more comfortable after being here for a couple of hours.

When it came time for sleep, I wondered what to do with them.  Obviously they needed to be confined somewhere, but the largest of our cages seemed to be too small for the two of them together.  I thought they were too big for the playpen, but put them in it anyway.

I wasn't sure if they were big enough to climb out, but decided to hope for the best.  I moved the playpen away from anything they could use to help them get out, went into the living room with Lizzie and Sheila to go to sleep and decided to see what would happen.

As it happened, nothing.  They settled down fairly quickly, though did start whining when I got up in the middle of the night.  But when I went back to sleep, so did they and they were excited to see me this morning. 

It's a lovely day, so they will spend today outside too.  They have a bed outside, if they want it and it's going to be neither too hot or too cold, so there's no reason why they can't just stay outside all day.

No point in bonding solidly with this pair, as they go off to adoption tomorrow. 


Meet Rhianna


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