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10 August 2007

I found out that's what we are.  Old f**ks.  Not old farts.  Old f**ks.  At least that's the description of recently-turned-70 George Carlin.

It had been my intention to pepper this entry with photographs.  I knew that taking pictures during the concert would not be permitted, but I thought that perhaps the buffet, the setting, the people at our table could all be photographed.  However, as we drove into the Wente Vineyard parking lot in Livermore there was a big sign saying that no cameras or recording devices could be brought into the concert area, so I left my camera in the car.

As it turned out the search of my bag was so cursory that I could easily have snuck a camera in -- I wasn't even asked about the tripod in my purse.  And just to be rebellious, I DID take a picture with my cell phone, but it's a crappy photo.  However, since it exists, I will share it with you.  Take that, Wente.

Here you can see our proximity to the stage, our water pitcher and a woman I don't know, except that her daughter is planning a wedding, has $40,000 saved for it, and is looking to Wente as a possible location for the event.  (Coincidentally, the OTHER people at our table happened to be event planners.  How's that for serendipity?)

Now.  Aren't you thrilled I took an illegal photo?

Well, let me start from the beginning.  Our friends Mike and Char let our Pinata Group know several weeks ago that George Carlin was giving a concert at Wente Vineyards and wanted to know who in the group wanted to go with them.  The tickets were ridiculously expensive, but included a buffet dinner.  I've never been a Carlin fan--or not a Carlin fan, for that matter.  I've always enjoyed him when I've seen him, but have not gone out of the way to make sure I didn't miss one of his TV specials.  But what the heck--it sounded like fun, and we decided we'd splurge and go.  (We're spending the money we've saved for our old age--'cause our old age is here.)

First there was the buffet, which I wish I had a photo of.  But of course all buffets in a location like that are going to be put together to maximize attractiveness by arrangement and color.  We had little nut cups, couscous salad with lemon, a mixed green salad with nuts and cheese, rolls, broccolini which was bright green and quite delicious .  We had a choice of prime rib, salmon or chicken.  I took the beef which was a nice thick slab of meat so rare it mooed, just the way I like it.

Everything was delicious and I even had a glass of merlot, since we were at a winery (though I gave Walt most of my second glass). 

Dessert was a choice of a HUGE slab of chocolate truffle cake with raspberry something or other and a cascade of some sort of creamy substance, or some sort of cheesecake.  Char and I split servings of both and Walt finished most of my cake because it was just entirely too much.

Then came the opening act, a guy whose name I thought was Dennis Blaine, but I can't find him on the Internet, so I must have gotten the name wrong.  He was a comedian whose material was mostly based on classic rock and roll groups, most of which, since I was playing Perry Como and Vic Damon when the Rolling Stones came along, went over my head. I could take or leave him, but I will admit that he grew on me and I actually gave a few audible chuckles by the time he was finished.

After a brief intermission, it was time for the part of the show we had all come for.

My first big impression of George Carlin was what an incredible different age and experience make.  It only took one or two sentences to get audiences on the edge of their seats in way that the guy who wasn't Dennis Blaine hadn't been able to do in 20-25 minutes.  This was a pro in action.  He's older, he's slower, but he still has that cutting edge grumpiness about everything that made him a star.

He was working out a whole new act for his upcoming HBO special, so he worked off of notes -- the man is 70, after all.  But it didn't matter.  It didn't matter if he lost his place now and then.  He had enough experience to get back on track with only the barely perceptible stumble.

His material is crude, but then his material has always been crude.  He told a couple of jokes that I know people would have  been very upset to hear and, to tell you the truth, I didn't like much either.

But all things considered this was a funny, funny show and by the time we left, we didn't really care how much we'd paid for our tickets; we had definitely had our money's worth.

We stayed overnight with Mike and Char and left early this morning so I could get home to make dessert to take to my cousin's tonight.  But she called to say her husband has been hospitalized with an infection in his arm and dinner has been cancelled, so now I have the whole evening ahead of me, which is kind of nice.

I also have a huge sack of home grown tomatoes from Char's garden and that is even nicer.


I had to go with a picture I found on the 'net.
We were at the tables, in the very back.  But great seats!
(that is obviously NOT George Carlin on stage!)



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