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9 August 2007

I don't really hate all dogs.  Especially puppies.

I said I was going to post this entry late.  Instead I'm posting it early--and I'll talk about what we're doing tonight in the entry for the 10th.

But, somewhat abruptly, the puppies are gone. 

Kim was going to come and pick them up around 3, about an hour or two after we left.  I was going to leave a key for her.  We would say goodbye to the puppies before we left and they would just be gone when we got back.

But it didn't work out that way.

Kim showed up at noon.  She was able to make arrangements with the people they are going to be with to meet early and in an instant they were scooped up and put in a dog carrier.  Tattoo, ever the bold one, trotted out to meet Kim, but Goro and Sopa  came when I called them, saw the open door and a stranger standing there and turned to run in the other direction.

I called them and they came back again, but were nervous to come too close even to me.  That tugged at my heart strings.  I picked them up, cuddled them, carried them out to the car and put them in with Tattoo.

My last picture of them was Tattoo standing at the door of the cage, her paws up at the top, looking at me as if I'd just beaten her. 

They'll be fine.

I know they'll be fine.

I don't usually cry when puppies leave, but I'm crying as I write this.

It's always so hard to say goodbye.  You can't keep them all, and I don't even want to keep puppies who are going to grow up to  be as big as these guys are ... or to deal with a 6 week old little girl who will growl at Kim for putting her in a cage.

But I want to keep them this size and not let them go.

I can't.

I didn't even get a chance to finish the "goodbye" video that I was making.  I had to improvise an ending.

Writing this helps.  It gives me something to do, a puppy project to take my mind off of the scared puppies taking their first big car ride to go to a stranger's house.

When I finish this, I'll pick up all the urine-soaked towels, put away the puppy dinner dishes, fold up the playpen, sweep the floor and, if there is time before we leave this afternoon, try to wash some of the sticky spots off the Pergo and get all the bedding into the washer.

It's what happens when my babies grow up and move away, and the first step in getting ready for the next batch.

Goodbye, little guys.  I really loved you, even if I said I hated you yesterday.  Have a good life, all of you.

(I built a barricade last night so they couldn't come into the living room and wake me up early.  We were all happier because of it!)


She's still my favorite.  I will miss her.



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