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4 August 2007

I reviewed a show (Kiss Me Kate) on Tuesday night.  We went to see The Big Voice on Wednesday night, and I reviewed a show (The Arabian Nights) last night, so by today, I was ready to do pretty much nothing for a day.  NO show to go to.  Yay!

We are also woefully low on almost everything in the house and, since I hate to shop, I'd been putting off a trip to the supermarket.  But I suggested to Walt that we take a trip to Costco instead.  He agreed.

The puppies got me up at 4:30 and I went back to sleep somewhere around 9:30 and slept until nearly noon, which was fine because you can't get into Costco (unless you have a "merchant" membership) before noon anyway.

We are the last of the big time spenders, and so we decided to have lunch before we went shopping.  Costco's $1.50 hot dog with soft drink has got to be the cheapest lunch around.

For anyone who has never been in a "box store," the first experience can be overwhelming.

Aisle after aisle after aisle of floor to ceiling shelves filled with everything you can think of.  You can buy anything from a computer to fresh asparagus, from a bed and mattress to frozen corn dogs, from a diamond ring to a year's supply of aspirin.  From any kind of liquor or wine you want to sweat socks.  From a table saw to a set of fine china.  Everything you could ever need, most things you don't need, and everything in gargantuan sizes.

Who doesn't want a 56 oz bag or two of M&Ms...

...or several vats of Goldfish...

...or several varieties of cracker sandwich packs.

You get the opportunity to discover things you never knew existed.

You also don't really need to actually buy lunch because the place is filled with ladies standing at tables handing out samples of food.

These ladies had samples of banana chocolate chip muffins.  I like muffins.  I like bananas.  I like chocolate chips, but this combination was a bad idea.  I also tasted somebody's "San Francisco potato salad," and was reminded of why I usually pass up tables like this, because I actually got into a discussion with the woman who dished up my sample and then I felt like I hurt her feelings when I had to admit I didn't like the potato salad, though I love potato salad.  I told her I preferred to make my own and she tried to encourage me to buy some for a "picnic with friends."  I slunk away guiltily, feeling I'd taken her sample under false pretenses.

But I did enjoy the tri-tip sandwiches, which you can microwave in less than a minute and got Walt to taste them and asked if he'd eat something like that for lunch.  He said he would and we bought a big box.

I loaded up on butter.  Now there is a good deal.  The cheapest I can buy a pound of butter in Davis is $3, and most stores don't have it for less than $5.  If you buy Costco's butter in 1 lb blocks that you cut up into cubes yourself, it comes in 3 pound packages and costs $1.70 a pound.  Now THAT makes me feel good for driving all that way.

By the time I got to the overwhelming fresh meat department, my eyes had started to glaze over, but I had really come to stock up on meat.  I can make it through a long spell of not shopping, as long as I have a main dish to cook each night.  I passed up the frozen chicken breasts because I am so tired of trying to do something new with a frozen chicken breast each night.  Instead I went for fresh meat -- marinated beef in a couple of different flavors (more ladies were handing out samples), fabulous lamb chops I have bought there before, a huge packet of pork chops, which I bought to wrap and freeze.

The problem (one of them) with shopping at Costco for me is that there are so many really good prepared dishes, but I'm from the era of "doing it yourself" and I feel guilty if I buy something pre-cooked or pre-marinated, though I did do a little of that today.  I always figure that it's cheaper and better if I fix it myself, but then I rarely do fix it myself.

At the end of the day, I had filled the cart with more than $200 worth of food (and only a couple of "impulse purchases") and with any luck, I can make it 3-4 weeks, now, before I have to do a major shopping again.

I should be out of M&Ms and goldfish by then.


I  was tempted, but this was one I resisted.



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