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2 August 2007

How cool is it to open the San Francisco Chronicle and discover that the only two shows listed for "musical theater" are being performed by friends!

I'm not sure when we're going to see Pinafore (my very least favorite G&S), but we went to see The Big Voice tonight, in its preview performance ("preview" = half price!).  It doesn't officiallly "open" until August 4.

We left for San Francisco around 4:30, after getting all the 4-legged critters fed.  We hit some pretty heavy traffic coming across the Bay Bridge into the city.

But fortunately, we had allowed a lot of time, so we were still able to park and walk to a crepe place for a delicious dinner.

a chicken basil crepe

We got to the theatre around 7:30, for the 8:30 show and had a bit of a wait in the lobby before the house opened.  As I told Steve after the show, I'm not used to them actually being popular.  I'm used to their playing half-houses and being able to walk up and get a ticket the night of a performance.  But this show was sold out and they are sold out at least for the next three nights.  Rumor has it that twenty-six reviewers will be coming to opening night.

We had to chuckle at the poster in the lobby which exclaims that this is "the original off-Broadway cast."  Ahhh... marketing.  They are the original off-Broadway cast, of course, and there actually were two guys who took the show over for a few weeks after Steve and Jimmy left it, but it still sounded strange.

We were perhaps the only mixed-gender couple in the place.  There were male couples and female couples and male groups and female groups and possibly one other disparate gender couple, but we were definitely in the minority.

As for the show.  Well.  What can I say?  It's 2 a.m. and here I am sitting up writing a review for a show I do not have to write a review for!  It was perhaps the best I've seen them do the show.  And Steve felt it was their best performance as well.  I hadn't seen the show in over a year and that time included a six month run of the show in New York, which has resulted in a tightening of things, more subtle nuances in the emotional sections, and most surprising of all, discovering that in this time, Steve has become an actor.  Whoda thunk?

The audience was absolutely loving it.  Steve said that they never got "gay" audiences in New York, and this was very definitely a gay audience, who got every joke, ever nuance, every raised eyebrow, every double entendre.  There were places that stopped the show with applause that had never stopped the show before in its five year history.  (And of course the audience rose in a body to give them a standing ovation at the end.)

At intermission, a woman sitting in front of me turned to ask me if I was enjoying it.  I smiled and said that I was (I later found out she runs the theatre in Los Angeles where I last saw it), but didn't let her know that this was not my first time to see it.  The man sitting next to me, with whom I had spoken a bit at intermission, told me that he never cries in public, but he allowed himself to cry during the show.  High praise indeed!

It was just such a fantastic night--and it wasn't even opening night; it was just the preview.  Unfortunately, opening night tickets are sold out, or I would have purchased them then and there.

When the show ended, Steve and Jimmy stood out in the lobby to greet everyone personally.

(I love that this is in front of a Big Voice poster...
and next to a poster about Judy Garland!!!!)

Jim with musician and singer, Houston Allred.

When everyone left, Jimmy and Steve changed out of their clothes and we went back to their apartment on the 12th floor, in downtown San Francisco.  Steve transferred all of my photos to his computer for his own journal entry, Walt and I each had something cold to drink and chatted with the cats, Steinbeck and Thurber (who are the mirror body images of Jim and Steve!) and then headed home.

It was after 1 a.m. when we got here, half an hour to mop up puppy pee and get the puppies settled down for the night and now, as the clock creeps past 2:30, I'm going to post this and go to sleep myself!

It was such a great night.  I wouldn't have missed it for anything.




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