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1 August 2007

As a general rule, I describe myself as both a morning person and an evening person.  I stay up late and wake up early.  I have also never been a grumpy waker.  It is one of my better qualities, that I can wake up happy and as productive as I ever get (bearing in mind that "productive" is a relative term!)

A strange thing has been happening over the past several months.  I've actually been sleeping.  None of this "three hours and ready to go" business.  I've been feeling tired around 10:30-11, deciding to skip The Tonight Show and watch The Daily Show in the morning, and going to sleep, dropping off into dreamland in a matter of minutes.

"Dreamland" is another novelty.  I have said on many occasions that I never dream.  Suddenly, with more hours in which to actually do it, I am dreaming.  Long, complicated dreams.  Last night I was volunteering for some children's program and was telling someone I worked with about a television program I saw that featured an interview with Lance Bass, who apparently also worked with us in the children's program.  I don't even know who Lance Bass is (but suspect he had something to do with a boy band).  I couldn't pick him out of a lineup.  So why I dreamed about Lance Bass is beyond me!

Now that the puppies have decided they don't like to sleep in their own excrement, nature's urge is a real urgent event and they insist on going  At 2 a.m., I have a rule that they go outside, do their business and then go back into the playpen and go back to sleep.  I ignore the whining and they do go back to sleep pretty quickly.

But when they sleep until 5 a.m., well...that's pretty much the whole night.  It's starting to get light and it's been so long since their last meal that not only do they need an outdoor potty, but they also are ready for breakfast and aren't going to be tricked into going back to sleep.

So it was happy hour at 5 a.m. this morning for everybody but me.  I had been very, very deeply into my Lance Bass dream and staggered out to let the overjoyed puppies out of the playpen. 

Lizzie and Sheila were also happy to find me up.  I flopped into the recliner and hoped maybe everybody would settle down and maybe I could at least half-sleep for a bit longer. 

But the puppies wanted to pull my Sheila blanket off of me, Lizzie only wanted to be in my lap, frantically licking the arm of the chair, for some reason (something she never does usually), and Sheila wanted to be out barking at ghosts or something (something she does too often, unfortunately).  After trying to get Lizzie off of me, shut Sheila up, and keep the blanket away from the puppies I was wide awake, and in foul humor.  When I sat down, Lizzie leaped back in my lap.  When I stood up, she leaped up the front of me over and over again.

Lizzie was Very Happy.  Trust me, you don't want a Very Happy Lizzie at 5 a.m. when you're still trying to figure out who Lance Bass is.

[Aside:  Isn't it weird that I can remember the name of Lance Bass, whom I don't know, in my dreams, but can't remember the name of Kate Smith, who was part of my growing up years, when I'm awake?]

I got the puppies' food prepared and them on the patio eating.  I tricked Sheila into coming inside and gave her her breakfast (tho she didn't really care about it and now won't come near me if I'm close to a door that I can close on her) and I made myself a cup of coffee.

I don't often feel that I need coffee.  But this morning I could only hope that some caffeine in my veins would help improve my sour mood.

I don't know if it was the coffee or the combination of finally feeling like things were under control, but I was soon able to stop grumbling at everybody on four feet and regain my normal somewhat cheery morning disposition.  I even had enough interest to check Lance Bass out on Wikipedia and confirm my suspicion that he did have "something to do with a boys' band" -- 'N Sync.


Lance Bass.  So now I know who he is!


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