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28 April 2007
(Happy Birthday, Char!)

I don't know why the 49ers had such a difficult time finding gold. 

All I had to do was to chew down on a Jelly Belly jellybean and there was a big hunk of gold right there in my mouth.

Yes, I had pulled a nice gold crown right out of my mouth.  Oh, it's so nice when your dentist is also your friend, when you aren't afraid of making an appointment, and when you have been diligently doing everything asked of you at your last appointment.  No guilt here.  No butterflies in the stomach.  Just a crown to be replaced.

It was actually fun.  Normally when I go to the dentist's office, I see one of Cindy's hygienists.  Cindy took care of me exclusively for the first few years of my return to the world of dentistry, but when she finally decided that I was no longer terrified, she passed me off to the hygienists, like everyone else.  When I need dental work done, she does it, but this was kind of like a bonus.

I had brought the crown with me (I had the good sense not to try to wash the jelly belly out of it over the hole that leads to the garbage disposal!) and so while she cleaned it out and waited for the crown to set back on the tooth, we talked about her upcoming vacation, our trip to DC, old friends, biking (remember, I used to bike with her every morning, before my accident) and philosophies.  Amazing how much you can discuss while waiting for a crown to set.

But I left there with my crown re-attached and a warning that I probably should give up Jelly Bellies.  I think I had already decided that!

So didja watch the debate last night?

I guess Bill Richardson, who hogged time whenever he had the opportunity, must have decided this was going to be his only chance and he was going to take advantage of it.  Sen. Gravel, who has been hiding under a rock for the past 10 years, can go back under the rock again.

But the outstanding question for me was when moderator Brian Williams asked each of the candidates what they would do if they received word that two U.S. cities were under attack by terrorists.  Not one of them said they would send for Jack Bauer.  I guess I'm going to have to look to the Republicans to feel safe.  (Ironically, since Walt was on his way home from Santa Barbara, so didn't see the debate, it was up to my friend Char, who called me as soon as the debate was over to say the same thing:  they should have called for Jack Bauer.   It's why we've been friends for 50 years!)

I realized that Dakota has now been here a month.  She is sure starting to look "leggy."  I told Walt that if she were a kid, I would  say that her voice is changing.  She still has that high little puppy yap, but occasionally I hear her bark and it's the bark of a dog.  Her fur has gone from soft puppy fur to smooth dog-fur.  And she has no more puppy breath.  I know she still looks little and cute to people who haven't been with her the way we have, but she sure seems "old" to me now!

The video today shows how her "fighting" technique with Lizzie has changed...and how "dinnertime" is the bright spot in her day!

She isn't going to Petco this week, as Ashley has a family that is interested in her and is going to come and see her on Sunday.

(P.S.  The video of the day nearly drove me insane.  I had to reboot Firefox six times and every time I started to get the code for posting it on this page, the program would shut down again.  It's a good thing Walt had gone to bed already; the air around here was a very vivid blue and I was screaming in frustration!)


When she arrived here, her paws barely reached halfway
up the side of the playpen.


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