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27 April 2007

I love those turtles, the Slowskys, who are in the commercial for Comcast's high speed internet connection vs. the slower DSL. 

Bill and Karolyn Slowsky would just love it around here this week.

I have developed a virus.  I feel like  John Hodgman as a PC talking with Justin Long as a Mac in the "Get a Mac" commercials.

I'm sure I've had viruses on this computer for a long time, but there is apparently a new one which has taken over my computer, and I do mean "take over."

I'll be typing along, minding my own business, surfing the net using Firefox and all of a sudden 10 different Internet Explorer windows will open up, all of them ads for virus protection software and looking like messages from my computer. 

In what was apparently a huge mistake, I finally agreed to install one program, System Doctor, which looked like it was legit.  Well, while it was preparing to install, I did what I should have done before giving it permission and looked it up.  Discovered it's described as "a rogue anti-spyware application that gets installed by Spyware/malware without asking for permission."  I tried to stop the install, but don't think that I did.  I even did a cold shut-down of the computer in the middle of the installation I was trying to stop, which I know is a big no-no.

I found instructions all over the net for how to remove it, which looks like this (enough to strike fear and terror into my un-geek heart!)

Kill the following processes
sd2006.exe, insthelp.exe, updater.exe, unins000.exe, activate.exe, systemdoctorfreesetup.exe

Unregister the following DLLs and reboot
order.dll in program files\systemdoctor 2006 free\

Delete these registry entries
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\systemdoctor 2006 free
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\software\systemdoctor 2006 free\tasksettings
run systemdoctor 2006 free
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\systemdoctor 2006 free
currentversion\run systemdoctor 2006 free

Remove the following files
contact customer support.lnk, systemdoctor 2006 on the web.lnk, systemdoctor 2006.lnk, uninstall systemdoctor 2006.lnk in common programs\systemdoctor 2006 unregistered version\
systemdoctor 2006.lnk in desktop\
activate.dat, activate.exe, bnlink.dat, database.sav, hmlink.dat, insthelp.exe, lapv.dat, license.rtf, lock.dat, order.dll, pv.dat, reportlistfile.dat, sd2006.exe, sd2006url.url, sr.log, support.url, umain.xml, unins000.dat, unins000.exe, up.dat, updater.dat, updater.exe in program files\systemdoctor 2006 free\
update.log in userprofile\application data\systemdoctor 2006 free\logs\
systemdoctorfreesetup.exe in userprofile\local settings\temp\

Remove the following directories
program files\systemdoctor 2006 free
program files\systemdoctor 2006 free\download
program files\systemdoctor 2006 free\safemedia
profile\application data\systemdoctor 2006 free

A questioner asked how to find the files involved and the response was: 

To enter the reg key area click on start>run and type regedit
- tamper at your own risk though, removing important files here can be disastrous.

Think I'm going to try this myself?  No way!

Now regularly, I get a message like this:

There are several different application names which pop up in this window and I never allow them, but the longer I am on the computer, the more often they pop up.  The most common is something called "ikzwm.exe" which showed up so often I did a Google search on it and discovered a site called "Geeks to Go," which, in a 3 page long forum discussion finally managed to solve the problem of a guy who had this problem last year, but the instructions were so complicated that I don't even dare start trying to follow the steps outlined.  I did go back and do a system restore, setting everything back a month, but that didn't have any effect at all.

This is another favorite that it's almost impossible to close down.

Because of all the weird messages, I don't feel comfortable trusting any notice like this.

So at the moment I'm in the market for a computer guru to come and give my hard drive a good scrubbing.  I have a couple of people who have volunteered to help so we'll see if either of them pans out.

The computer has slowed significantly.  I had to reboot twice before I could even get WordPerfect to load.  It took 10 minutes to begin printing a report for the psychiatrist.  It printed one page, and then a few minutes later it printed the next page, etc.

It had locked up when I attempted to retrieve a saved Word Perfect file, though it was doing fine with a brand new file. 

I tried to edit 3 photos and add them to yesterday's journal entry, a job which should have taken just a few seconds, but it took over an hour with all the freezes and slow downs.

Some web pages take forever to load and I still have to keep on top of Internet Explorer because periodically it explodes with windows all over the place.

Did you know that you can't remove Internet Explorer using the Add/Remove files feature?  It isn't even listed in the program files.

While I've been typing this, I've had several IE pop up windows pop up and the thing is that you can't shut them.  If you hit the "X" in the upper right corner, they won't close, if you do a right-click-close it won't close. 

One of the windows that pops up looking official made me laugh.  It said it had detected 953 adult-content web sites on my computer and promised that it could erase all record of visits.  Since I don't visit adult-content web sites and nobody else uses this computer, it was a dead give-away.

The only thing I can do to stop all the erratic behavior is to disconnect from the internet completely (which might actually be more productive for me...I might actually get more work done).


This is the original pop-up that seems to have caused all
the problems!  Clicking on the "x" to close it apparently
does nothing, and may actually start the install.


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