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25 April 2007

I knew that it was only a matter of time.  I knew that I was already on borrowed time, but I didn't expect betrayal to come from the members of my own family.

That would be the four-footed members of my own family.

Dakota is just growing like a weed.  She now eats as much as the other two and she gets right into the thick of things when they are playing.  I absolutely love watching the three of them filing out the partially opened sliding glass door to the back yard, looking like the three bears:  First, Sheila (the biggest), then Lizzie, and then Dakota, no longer the waddling toddler, but the sure-footed youngster.

I love looking out into the sunny back yard and seeing all three of them, lying around like a pride of lions, close enough to be companionable, far enough from each other to have their own space.

I love watching Dakota playing with the others.  This morning Sheila and Lizzie were play-fighting and Dakota grabbed on to Lizzie's tail and was dragged around the Pergo by her mentor.  So funny.  They make me laugh all the time.

But I didn't appreciate Lizzie's mentorship yesterday.  She has been trying for several days to teach Dakota how to use the dog door.  The dog door is my salvation.  I can come here into my office, put the dog gate across the door, give Dakota the run of the house and the yard and not have to worry about keeping her from chewing the cords under my desk.

But Lizzie has, for several days now, been running in and out of the dog door.  It took me awhile the realize she was trying to show Dakota how to do it.

Last night she ran in and out a couple of times and then each time she came into my office, she would turn around and stand by the flap of the dog door while I could hear Dakota whining outside.  She'd let her whine for awhile then she'd go out the dog door again and within seconds would be back inside my office, standing by the door waiting for Dakota to figure it out.

It was inevitable.  Next thing I knew, Dakota was in my office, very proud of herself.

I put her outside the office, into the family room again.  Lizzie ran outside, went through the sliding glass door into the family room, came back outside and went through the dog door again.  Within seconds, Dakota had followed her and was here again as well.

My sanctuary is no more.  Of course Dakota does sleep a good deal of the day and when she's sleeping, I have the office all to myself, but I can no longer retreat behind a fence.

All because of Lizzie.

The traitor.

The only consolation is that Lizzie only uses the dog door when I'm in my office, because she needs to be glued to my side at all times.  Sheila uses the dog door to get away from the other two.  She sleeps in here during the day to get some peace.  As long as I'm in other parts of the house, I don't have to worry (yet) about Dakota coming in here and getting to the cords, as long as I keep the fence across the doorway.

Let's hope she doesn't figure that out before she finds herself a new home.

Speaking of Sheila sleeping in my office, I confessed recently to Walt that part of me misses Kimba.  Kimba and I had this nice relationship where we spent time together, but didn't really interact.  My working area is L-shaped and I would work at one desk while she slept under the other desk. her little body fitting just perfectly in the space available.

Sheila would occasionally lie behind my chair and all three of us would get along just fine.

With Kimba gone, Sheila has decided that it's her turn to sleep under my desk while I work.  The problem is that she doesn't fit in that nice little hole that Kimba claimed as her little cage.  Instead she sleeps where my feet go, which makes it awkward for me, because I'm too polite to kick her out of the way.  When I get to working, Lizzie will join us and sleep on the foot that Sheila is not sleeping on.  Dakota hasn't figured out that she can join the gang under my desk and nap here too.

Thank goodness.



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