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24 April 2007

My cousin's husband Bob sometimes drives me nuts.  He's as organized as I am not.  In fact he's more organized than I am not.  He plans everything down to a gnat's eyelash, which leaves little room for doing anything spontaneously.  When he plans a trip, it is not weeks in advance or months in advance, but sometimes more than a year in advance.

A year before you leave on a trip, you know where you are going to stay every night, what you are going to do every day, and I'll bet he even has meals planned. 

This is not a put-down of him.  I love him dearly. We need the Bobs of the world.  But he and I butt heads when he asks me what I'm doing on Thursday a year from now and I haven't yet decided what I'm going to cook for dinner an hour from now.

But Bob's hyper-organization may be just the kick in the butt that I need.  Stop me if you've heard this plan before....

When we were driving home from Cousins' Day the other day, Kathy and Peach were talking about an upcoming trip they and their husbands have planned to Washington, D.C.

In 1998, when we were flying to D.C. to spend the weekend with some CompuServe friends, we took Peach with us. She was doing research on our family history and wanted to visit the National Archives, but was nervous about going to a city she knew nothing about.  She got all her research done and it was always her great regret that she didn't bring Bob along, because she knew he would absolutely love it.  Since we returned, she has been planning to go to Washington with him some day. 

Now they plan to celebrate their 50th anniversary by going to D.C. next year.  Kathy and her husband Fred (who is 6'9" tall--I love this photo of Peach and Fred, taken at a family reunion back in 1997) are going to go with them.

I had known about the plans for some time now, but I assumed that this was going to be a fifth-wheel trip, where they would drive across the country in Peach and Bob's RV and I knew that my friendly relations with Bob wouldn't survive that, so I hadn't expressed any interest.

BUT, when Kathy mentioned to Peach that she and Fred were thinking of going by train and meeting them in D.C., my ears perked up.  Walt has been talking about taking a train trip and we haven't been back to D.C. in a couple of years.  This actually sounded like fun.  I told them we'd love to join them.  Peach said that Bob has wanted to take a train trip for a long time and I joked that he couldn't obsess about the trip itself, because Amtrak would be doing all the organization for him. The planning was on!

We are taking Amtrak from Sacramento to Washington, D.C. in late April or early May of 2008.  We are going to rent a townhouse for two weeks and they are going to make a list of what they want to do while there.  Walt and I will be sort of the tour guides, since he grew up there and I've been there often enough (including a 6 week stint working there) that I know at least the touristy spots well enough.

Naturally the townhouse must be rented this week to make sure we have it (which caused me to roll my eyes when I got a phone call with all the plans and asking me to commit right then), but I'm not involved in the planning sessions, so I'm leaving that part up to them.  (If it were left to me, we'd land in D.C. with lodging arrangements made the night before we left Davis, we'd be staying out in the boonies and paying a lot more.)

The deal is, though, that Washington, D.C. is decidedly a walking town.  Even though most of the major museums are grouped around the mall, one building may be a block or more long and just walking across the mall is a schlep for someone like me who puts off walking into the kitchen for a second cup of coffee because of how far I have to walk (about 10 feet).

But the advantage of having a "Bob" in your life is that I know that we're going to be taking this trip in a year, which gives me a year to get in better shape to be able to keep up with my cousin Kathy, who suffers from COPD, is intermittently on oxygen, and has difficulty breathing, but who is determined to be "leading the pack" on this trip.  (And she will too!)

I'm not going to do anything wild and  crazy.  This journal covered a year of dieting that depressingly yoyo'd back to where I started from and then some.  So my goal is not to lose weight.  My goal is to start small, not take that 5th handful of junk food, keep the 10 a.m. snack, but give up the 9 a.m. snack and the 11 a.m. snack.  Add more greenery to my dinner plate than a wilted leaf of lettuce, and work on spending more time on the treadmill.

For starters.

Right now Walt has been dragging me off to the gym whenever he can cajole, order, or shame me into it.  I hate getting ready to go, but don't mind it once I get there and feel better when I leave.  I need to go more often, to gradually raise the speed on the treadmill (my exercise playlist on my iPod helps with that), and to begin extending the distance I walk.  I might even walk on the street now and then, but let's not go crazy about this plan yet.

If I can start small, with no plans other than to be able to enjoy myself in D.C., maybe I'll be a bit more physically fit when we hit Union Station a year from now.

(But don't tell Bob or he'll probably map out a plan of action for me!)


Photo from our 1998 trip --
these are all CompuServe friends.


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