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22 April 2007

Dakota went to the Farmer's Market, today, to see if she could find a new family.  It is time.  Walt said to her last night, "we want to remember you exactly as you are NOW,"

And we do.  We want to remember her as being little and cute and cuddly, not the unruly teenager she will become too soon or the big not-in-my-lap adult dog she will become eventually.

But she hasn't been out of this house since she arrived (except for one quick trip to Petco, where Ashley gave her her puppy shots).  How would she react?  I had put a leash on her and she detested it.  I had to literally drag her to the car.  She planted her feet firmly and put her head down resolutely.  She was NOT going anywhere with that thing around her neck.  She shivered in the car on the way to the Farmers' Market.

It was like taking your child to their first day of school.  You know how it is on the first day of school.  I mean the first day of school, when you take your little darling to Kindergarten and then leave her there.  You might hide behind a bush or across the street where she can't see you, just to see how she's going to adjust.

Will she be afraid and cry for you?

Will there be somebody there to help her if she feels scared?

Will she make friends with the other kids?

Will they be nice to her?

...and if they're not, will she learn to fight back?

Or will she just go off in a corner and sulk?

I stayed for awhile to watch the interaction.  Dakota, who is such a ruler of the roost around here, was definitely overwhelmed.  We first put her in with a bunch of bigger puppies and they all ganged up on her.  That wasn't going to work.  So we put her in a smaller cage with Wicket, who is about the same age, but smaller.  She had just been picked up from the Animal Shelter two days ago.  The two ignored each other for a long while.

When they finally did start playing, it became blatantly obvious what Dakota is missing in her life:  siblings.  She needs the roughhouse that siblings give each other, not the "don't hurt the puppy" tumbles that she gets with Lizzie.  Wicket only wanted to bite her tail and Dakota would yelp, hold the tail under her and try to either climb out of the cage, or hide in a "corner" (of the round cage).

I knew she would eventually be fine, but Walt and I left her there, like you leave your kid at Kindergarten wanting to tell the other kids not to make your baby cry, but knowing that your baby has to learn how to stand up for herself and that this will be the first step in that process.

(She didn't find a home today, but a family is interested in her and may meet her tomorrow.  She sure was happy to see Lizzie again.)


Back home again--and very happy!


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