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19 April 2007

Cousins' Day #2.  It just gets better and better.  Girls' night out, with a pajama party thrown in for good measure.  Laughter, tears, secrets, booze,   We have talked, off and on, about how the bad things in life often bring about very special things as a result.  My mother decided sometime this morning that the good that has come about as a result of her recent accident is that it has brought the three of us cousins closer together, both to her and to each other.

There are lots of cousins in this family (I have 32 cousins, some of whom are no longer living) and we aren't deliberately trying to be exclusive.  In fact we invited other cousins to join us this time around, but there were various reasons why they couldn't come and, in truth, I suspect we are all happy about it...but if they come to some other cousins' day, we'll love having them and the feel of those get togethers will be shaped by who comes, just like this one was.

I didn't have the best of nights last night.  I rarely do.  Everybody went off to sleep kind of early and I sat up reading for awhile...

...and then cuddled up on the couch and went to sleep.  I woke up at 2 a.m., as I usually do, for a trip to the bathroom.  Here at home, I'm usually able to get right back to sleep, but last night my back was hurting so I just took the quilt and sat in a chair (sitting in a more of this reclining chair business for me at my mother's!).  Fortunately, I've been doing it for so long that if I am sufficiently warm, I can fall asleep sitting up, and I slept until about 5 or so, by which time I could try the couch again and I didn't wake up until I heard Peach and my mother giggling in my mother's bedroom, where they were trying to keep quiet so as not to wake Kathy and me.

We all got up, got our coffee and sat around the living room to continue chatting.  Four hours and lots of topics later, my mother realized we hadn't eaten and got up to fix breakfast.

We had waffles and strawberries and mountains of whipped cream and then cleared away the dishes and brought out the cards again.

You'd think that I was a huge card shark, but I actually only play cards when I get around my mother and my cousins.  Game playing has always been big in the family, though it never seemed to extend to my immediate family, the one I married into and raised.

As with the night before, my streak of bad luck continued.  It costs $1.15 to play a game.  A game consists of 13 hands and each person who wins a hand gets 20 cents, with the person with the lowest score taking all the money that's left at the end of the game.  I won the very first game we played on Tuesday and lost every other game, winning at most 2 hands each game.  So I probably lost about $8, give or take a couple of dollars (since I can't remember exactly how many games we played).  But it was worth it -- and as this is the only time when I drink hard liquor, it's also the only time when I gamble.  I'm in it for the laughs.

When the inevitable epithets roll around the table, as one of the other of us got skunked by someone else at the table, my mother was always quick to remind us that "all's fair in love and cards."

We're already looking forward to our next Cousins' Day, May 29.

I nearly lost Dakota after I got home.  I had not locked the back fence and she got out.  I heard her whining on the side of the house and thought she had found a hole in the fence, but when I went to find her, I saw the back gate standing open (I noticed it because Lizzie met me in front of the house!).  Fortunately instead of running out into the street, Dakota found her way around the side of the house and came galloping to me when I called her.

She was totally full of fire tonight and I'm sure will sleep all night long because she didn't stop running, jumping and attacking Lizzie all evening long, until Walt put her into the playpen.  Then she settled right down and went to sleep.



I had to use this.  I posted this picture 4/19/2006,
exactly one  year ago--it is Walt and Peanut


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