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17 April 2007

I was surprised when the e-mail came from Ashley this morning.

I want Dakota to come to Petco Saturday.
Send me your favorite pictures so we can post her.

Dakota is going up for adoption on Saturday.  I'm not ready.  I thought she would be here until she was spayed and that when she went to be spayed, I would start the gradual "emotional disengagement" process, preparing to give her to a new family.

No, all you people who think I'm going to keep her, I am not.  But I am going to be sad when she leaves.  I realize that the younger she is, the more irresistible she is and the better chance she has to find a new home.

I asked if they weren't going to have her spayed first and Ashley said, "she can be adopted and we charge an additional $100 deposit."  So maybe she'll be gone on Saturday.  I can't imagine anybody looking for a puppy not falling in love with her right away.

I found myself fighting tears.  At the same time, Dakota came to the gate to my office and started whining.  I couldn't work.  I picked her up and we went to the recliner to cuddle, while I wiped away tears.

She loves lying in my arms like this.  She will sleep there until I'm tired of holding her or until she has to go out to pee.  When Walt came downstairs to get himself some breakfast, I realized I had been sitting in the chair with her for half an hour.

I finally decided I needed to get something productive done, so I left her sleeping in the chair (she hardly moved when I put her down)...

...I came into my office to start transcription, turning on The View as I sat down.  Within seconds, the show was interrupted by a special report on the shooting on the campus of Virginia Tech, killing at least 31.

As the reported horror unfolded, I was catapulted back in time to Columbine.  I am always catapulted back in time to Columbine, April 20, 1999 ...the day when 12 were killed in what was, until today, the deadliest school shooting in the country's history.

...the day when Paul died.  We initially thought that Paul had been depressed by the Columbine shootings and that it had driven him to take his own life, though as we examined all the evidence afterwards, we decided that wasn't the case, and that his death had been accidental, the result of stupidity.

But as I watched the coverage from Virginia Tech, tears welled up yet again, remembering that day nearly 7 years ago when the world, for us, stopped for a second time in less than five years.

It's another sad day.  Sometimes all you can do is cuddle up with a puppy and let the tears come.


(Harvey Fierstein's take on Imus is wonderful; I encourage everyone to read it .)

Also, please read Ron's take on the Virginia shootings.



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