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10 April 2007

"Did you have a nap?" Walt asked.

Actually it was my second of the day, and it had lasted three hours.

I either have a cold or I have springtime allergies. It's difficult to tell, when I pretty much cough all the time, sometimes not as bad as other times. It's all very superficial, there isn't anything that I can take for it (believe me, after all this many years I know that for a fact! My mother is the only one who never suggests that I "do something" about my cough because she's aware that nothing works, since I've had it since childhood.) but the tickle that I'm having right now is causing stronger than usual coughing.

I had been coughing that annoying hacking dry cough, off and on, for a couple of days.  Saturday I almost considered not going to Easter dinner, but I felt better on Sunday.

I woke up in the middle of the night last night, coughing, and with a very sore throat (probably from coughing and breathing with my mouth opened, as getting up and lubricating my throat seemed to clear that problem).

After coffee, I sat down in the recliner "for just a minute" and woke up an hour or so later with Dakota nibbling on my toe and barking to tell me that it was her lunch time.

I fed her, did a bit of work for the psychiatrist, and then remembered I had to go to the newspaper office to write some photo captions for a feature article I have coming out this week.

My brief sojourn to the newspaper office convinced me that this is a cold, not allergies.  My lungs were burning and I felt like shit.

I came home and sat down again in the recliner, Dakota asleep in my lap.  Three hours later Lizzie landed on my stomach after a flying leap and I realized that it was time to turn on Keith Olbermann and feed the dogs.

If the last couple of days have shown me anything it's that I'd better reduce the size of my sorry ass before I move to "the home" or they're going to have big problems with me.

They don't make Depends in gargantuan sizes.  Their extra large would probably fit around my knee, which isn't exactly helpful.

Not that I've tried getting any, but I sure could have used them the past couple of days.

You know the old saying: for every action there is an equal and oppsotive reaction.  For every explosion from my lungs there is an equal reaction from my bladder, at the opposite end of my body, and it ain't always pleasant.


I spend a lot of time watching TV or napping like this!

We had a disturbing phone call on our machine, which was apparently left yesterday, but which I didn't notice until today.

Our neighbor is complaining about the dogs' barking and saying he will "start with reporting it to us and hoping we will take action" before he has to do something else.

I have to admit to being a bit confused.  Yes, the dogs bark and I assume they barked a lot yesterday because we weren't home, but any other day I'm usually home all day.  When the dogs start barking, I stop them.  Sheila responds to "NO" and Lizzie responds to the citronella collar, so they never bark more than 5 minutes at a time, and there is a dog behind us who often gets them going by attacking the fence and barking at them

The unfortunate part of this situation is that the caller didn't leave his phone number (and it shows up as "Private" on our caller ID), so I can't call to respond and explain how I see it and what we are trying to do to keep the barking to a minimum.

The call adds to my always-present feeling of being the most hated people in the neighborhood.



(You can't see with the picture this small,
but the font on the photo is made out of bunnies)


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