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9 April 2007

(this is a recreation of the original because somebody stupid, who shall remain nameless, but her initials are B.A.S. saved the April 10 entry with the April 9 name and I lost the whole damn thing!  Fortunately it was short)

My sister-in-law always hosts our family Easter dinner and does a fantastic job.  The house is always beautifully decorated, there are lots and lots of people, the food is delicious and she makes certain that everyone has a great time.

This year she got a bee in her bonnet that, because it was Easter, everyone should come wearing hats. 

Now, hats and I don't get along well, as I proved in an entry early in the history of this journal.

So I promptly forgot about the whole hat thing.  In fact, I forgot a lot of stuff.  I was taking my mother's car back to leave with her and the two of us were going to meet Walt at his brother's house.  I stopped at the carwash to get the car removed of bird poop yet again and as I left the car wash, discovered I'd left the digital memory cards for the camera at home, so I called Walt to ask him to bring them.  Then I went to plug in the iPod to listen to a podcast on the ride down and realized I'd left my iPod on my desk.  I called Walt to ask him to bring that too because we were going to listen to the latest Says You on the ride home...except that when I plugged in the iPod for the return trip, I discovered that I'd forgotten to load it onto my iPod after all.

However, blissfully unaware of that fact, I drove to my mother's and we got to the in-laws' a little late, when the house was filled with hat-wearing people.  But not to fear, my sister-in-law had provided a plethora of hats for people who hadn't thought to bring one.

Ned came wearing a World War I helmut that belonged to his grandfather.

My father had a whole box of crazy hats that he used to entertain guests with, and Ned inherited them on his grandfather's death.

My mother found a nice spider hat to try on (though she ultimately settled for a different hat).

Walt wore a bowler hat that he had worn in a Davis Comic Opera company production of Patience, in which he played the non-singing, non-speaking role of the Solicitor.

Ned and Marta played around with different looks.

Our hostess and her sister wore more stylish hats.

My problem with hats is that I have this very large head and even the largest "one size fits all" hat rarely fits me.  It's why I never got to wear one of those wide-brimmed "Gone with the Wind" type bonnets I coveted when I was a kid.  I didn't feel quite as bad when I learned that Oprah Winfrey also has such a big head that she has to have her hats specially made for her.

I tried on several of the provided hats and finally found one that would actually stay on my head...but I think it's a fairly good bet that I will not be having any hats specially made for me in the future!



(The reason why it was "the winner" was because
it was the only one which would actually stay on my head)


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