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6 April 2007

It's like the last 3 months were a mere wrinkle in time.

The telephone rang this afternoon.  It was the psychiatrist asking if I were back and if he could bring me some transcription to do.  I guess I'm back in the saddle again.

I really, really, really enjoyed the past three months with no transcription to do.  A part of me wanted to tell him that I'd decided not to take the job back up again.  But, of course, I didn't.  And so now I have four tapes...I only have one envelope of work from him, it's only been here for 15 minutes and I'm already backed up!  (And, you will note, I am already procrastinating again!)

Dakota is becoming so incredibly cute.  And we discovered tonight she's a dead ringer for our dearly departed Peanut.

She and Lizzie are becoming great friends (see "photo of the day").  She follows Lizzie everywhere like a younger sibling trying to emulate Big Sister. 

When I walked out of my office this morning (I really must learn to carry a camera at all times), there the three dogs sat in a line, looking at me, silently letting me know that it was time for breakfast.  It was like looking at the Papa bear, the Mama bear and the Baby bear!

Later in the day, the two older dogs went outside and started barking at a stranger who had come up the driveway.  Pretty soon, I hear them joined by this high-toned yapping.  Dakota had gone out there and was standing with them, barking at the back fence.  I'm sure the stranger quaked in his boots.

She and Lizzie still "fight" a lot, but have learned how to do it so that it doesn't sound like Lizzie is killing the puppy.  Many times they are both lying on their backs, legs flailing in the air kind of "air boxing" with each other, teeth bared, and twisting around to "mouth wrestle" at the same time.  It's a very funny sight, which I have thus far not been able to get a camera to record.

She likes to sit in my lap when I'm in the recliner, preferring it to sleeping on a blanket.  I'm wondering how big she is going to be when an adult and if she will continue to expect some adult to provide a bed for an oversized dog. 

This afternoon I settled in to do a bit of reading and she literally "devoured" the book with me.  This is the photo that I am submitting for my "365 Days" project for today.

She also really loves Walt, and he her.  She particularly likes to lick his beard.  Maybe it feels like mother.

He has kind of a love/hate relationship with her.  Mostly a love relationship, but he would like her to be housebroken now.  She's actually surprisingly good about going outside all by herself, but there are inevitable puddles that you step in unexpectedly that cause you to say bad words, unless you've just finished watching a rerun of The Avengers, when you become very "British" about it all.

I've finally switched her to dry dog food.  I probably kept her on puppy kibble mixed with a bit of formula longer than she needed.  She devours her meals.  I had been giving her 1/4 cup of food but now she eats 1/2 cup at a feeding and usually finishes it 3 times a day (though today it took her two meals to get through her breakfast 1/2 cup). 

She is definitely having a growth spurt.  Her legs are longer and she now runs effortlessly across the yard chasing the big dogs.  She is the first puppy who willingly spends most of her time outside, when she's not sleeping.

Of course I can't give her free run of the house because there are cords she just loves to chew, so my office is off limits for her. 

Walt finally built this baricade to keep her from going under the credenza in the family room, where she can get to the telephone cords and several electric cords.  It's the place she makes a beeline for as soon as she finishes her breakfast in the morning.  This turned out so well that I think we're going to stain it and just keep it there permanently...Dakota is not the first puppy to be fascinated by the cords under the credenza!

I am not looking forward to her next inevitable step in maturity:  figuring out the dog door!


This was so cute, I had to print it full size.


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