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5 April 2007

Look, walking boot!

Yes, it appears that the long nightmare is finally over.  My mother went back to the orthopedist yesterday and the only reason she went home still wearing her walking boot was that neither of us thought to bring a shoe for her right foot.

He says things have healed nicely and that she can resume normal activities, as she feels comfortable doing them.

Unfortunately, "normal activities" include driving, so it appears that I am losing "my" Lexus.  In fact, I thought about having Walt drive down to pick me up so I could just leave the car with her, after she took it out for a test spin around the neighborhood to see how it felt, but he had an appointment at 11:30, so I drove home.  However, on Sunday, we are all going to Easter dinner at Walt's brother's home and I will pick my mother up to take her and then she can drive herself back home after dinner.

Part of me will miss the drives down to San Rafael, though it's also nice to think about NOT doing it again for awhile too! 

This is the most beautiful time of year to make that trip and, knowing I would not be doing it again regularly, I took the time today to appreciate it.

I truly love San Francisco Chronicle columnist Jon Carroll, who writes what I want to write every day.  But, alas, I can only be a Jon Carroll wannabe.

Whenever I read Jon Carroll, he is usually writing about stuff that I have been meaning to write about, or that I just wrote about, but not nearly as entertainingly.

Monday's column is a case in point.

Maybe you have to live in California to really appreciate his rapturous luxuriating in All Things Spring, but this is exactly how I feel for about two weeks out of every year, so I truly understand.

I remember the first time Walt's mother's cousin, Nora, came here to California.  We were driving to San Francisco, through all those rolling hills covered with the dead grass that I'm so used to seeing.  She's from Ireland, where the land is always green and she was overjoyed to see California's "golden hills."  "You get so tired of seeing nothing but green," she said, reveling in all the "gold" around her.

It was the first time I had ever thought to look at "dead grass" in a different light, as something quite lovely to look at, not as something that killed the lush greenery that I love so much.

But in Spring, after the rains come, new life springs forth and the drive from Davis to San Rafael is one rolling verdant green hill after another, some with wildflowers.

It doesn't look like this for long.  As soon as the weather heats up and the grass gets longer, it starts to dry out and for the rest of the year we have those "golden" hills.

Today I went off the beaten track to look at some of the places I usually rush past on the freeway.  I found these mules, for example, standing out in a field where there is a display of old carriages and farm equipment.

They got curious and decided  to see if I had anything good to eat.

When I left there, I stopped by the Jelly Belly factory to see if they had any good flavors in their "belly flops" supply.  I discovered that there is now, in addition to portraits of Ronald Reagan in jelly beans, one of our governator.

And the Jelly Belly people are all ready for Easter.

Lastly I stopped at Costco to spend a lot of money stocking up on things we probably don't need.  But isn't that the American Way?  (The dogs are happy; I bought their favorite jerky treat again.)

All in all, the hour-plus distance from my mother's to home took me about 3 hours, what with communing with nature and shopping, but it was a nice way to spend the last big trip with "my" car before it goes back home on Sunday.

I'm thrilled that my mother has made such a full, and good recovery from this accident.  May it be the last she'll ever have!


I'm sure there's a chorus of "Three Little Maids" in here somewhere...


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