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4 April 2007

You know how the day goes along and you become aware of a nagging pain in your head.  It's not bad at first, so you ignore it, but as time goes by it settles in and becomes something you can't ignore.

That's when you remember that you forgot to have coffee (or the caffeine of your choice) in the morning.  You brew up a pot, or open a soda can or whatever and it's remarkable how quickly the headache begins to dissolve.

That's kind of how I've been feeling lately.  It finally hit me this morning that I haven't heard anything about Anna Nicole Smith in at least two or three days.  What was happening to sweet little Dannylynn?  Who was her father?  Would I ever know?

Well, then along came The Today Show with a report on the expected release of the DNA evidence, revealing the baby's real father, the baby's grandmother's fight for her custody, and the crowd outside Anna Nicole's last residence, hoping to get photos of...whatever.

It was like taking a cup of coffee or an aspirin.

Anna Nicole Smith may be on the road to rival Princess Diana for post-death publicity.  She's the celebrity who refuses to die and perhaps in death she is achieving even greater celebrity than she ever had in life (and is probably as aware of it as she was in life, given how "medicated" she appeared to be most of the time).

I cannot tell you how much I do not care.  Give me the headache, please!

I have become aware lately (something perhaps everyone else has known for years) how shows like Insider and, to my credit, I can't remember any others...Insider comes on if I don't change the channel quickly enough, so I'm aware of that one....have replaced, or perhaps complemented check out counter tabloids in blowing the slightest thing about a celebrity totally out of proportion.

If it weren't for print and television tabloids, I wouldn't have a clue that people were saying that Oprah and her gal pal Gail were suspected of being lovers, or that Oprah was going to separate from her long-time boyfriend, whatshisname (none of which appears to be true, but sounds good when whispered).

It has become very blatant that there is a huge media battle being waged against Rosie O'Donnell, not only in the tabloids, but in major media news programs.

I never watched The View before Rosie joined the panel, but I have watched it religiously since then.  I think she is a breath of fresh air and I love that she is passionate about issues and not afraid to speak her mind.  She has made it her pledge to speak out on issues that concern her and she does. Whether you agree with her position or not, you can't ignore her views.

But the thing I've noticed is that the media puts her in the absolute worse light possible.  Consistently.  Here are two photos I found of her on the Internet.  Guess which one would be chosen for a "Rosie" report on The Insider or Scarborough Country.

Nobody ever passes up the opportunity to spit out the word "fat" with a venom that is palpable.  Joe Scarborough seems on a personal crusade to get her fired from The View.  Until he took on Rosie, I had actually enjoyed his Scarborough Country, perhaps because a conservative Republican was having the same feelings about the man in the White House that I was and that tickled me. 

But now he's taken on Rosie and seems to blow everything she says (I listen to what she says and know how it is said) out of proportion to where it becomes bigger than life.  He ties Barbara Walters into it and it seems there is a nightly demand that Walters fire Rosie.

I shouldn't care.  I know Jeri will tell me to turn off the TV, but I was raised on celebrity gossip and though  I don't really follow most of it, I hate watching personal attacks (why do people do screaming denunciations of people like Angelina Jolie for trying to help 3rd World countries, for example?), and it seems that Rosie O'Donnell is having more than her share, most of them resulting from offhand comments she makes, many comments that most of us are thinking anyway.

And while I'm on the subject of television, can I state that this season of 24 is perhaps the most stupid to date.  Stupid in a way that makes you wonder why you are sticking with it, when you find yourself looking at your clock and wondering how much longer this week's episode is going to go on.  Unless they have some secret weapon they intend to unleash to prop up an even more implausible and totally stupid plot line, I predict this will be the final season of Jack Bauer (and, in truth, he's in so little of the current episodes that one wonders if Keifer Sutherland isn't just walking through it for the money this time around.)



Walt grabbed Dakota, jumped into my recliner, and
said "Look at Mommy," as they watched me at my computer.
Walt has never called me "Mommy" to a dog before!
(unfortunately, Lizzie, who was standing next to Walt,
left just before I snapped the photo--it was a much better photo before!)


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