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3 April 2007

It ain't easy being an internet narcissist.  Obviously years (decades?) ago, I gave up all pretense of anonymity.

I now have

I also have blank pages on several different journal sites, like Diaryland (where I started a journal years and years ago and no longer have), WordPress, Live Journal, and a bunch of others that require you to join before you can leave comments on people's blogs.

And, of course, there are all the discussion groups that I've joined too, including SeniorNet and the private groups that migrated over to YahooGroups from CompuServe years and years ago, among others.

You'd think with all this overwhelming presence I'd have a huge following, but no--it's mostly me posting things that only I and a handful of others look at (other than this journal, of course, which has a lovely loyal following).

Keeping up with it all, though, can be a full-time job!

I spent most of last night on Flickr.   My stats tell me I've posted 3,604 photos since I joined about 2 years ago.  I absolutely love Flickr because it inspires my photographic creativity.  There are people who post snapshot type photos (the bulk of my own photos), but also so many with wonderfully creative photos, twisted souls like Aprille, whom I just discovered this morning.

One of the great things about Flickr is the various groups, which are built-in reasons to take photos and to let your creativity out.  The 365 Days project has produced just some amazing twists on how to record a photo of yourself, or part of yourself every single day for a year.  (There are nearly 4,000 people around the world who are doing this!)

For awhile I was passionate about the Squared Circle group.  Everywhere I looked, I was looking for circles I could square and I actually managed to find quite a few.  I also had fun doing some Photoshopped photos, and will again, from time to time. 

I joined the food group and tried to make the food I was eating look appealing.  I also joined many other groups, though my participation in some of them--like the McDonald's Group has been pretty minimal.  (I mainly joined the McDonald's group to post my photo of McDonald's in Paris and tell the story of that memorable experience!)

I try to keep things somewhat organized so that all of the like-photos were organized into sets, over 150 sets, which makes finding something, if you are stumbling across my Flickr site for the first time, cumbersome.

The one thing that I, and most other really prolific photographers on Flickr have been clamoring for for a long time is a way to organize sets so that you have all of your sets grouped together rather than having to continually rearrange them so they come in the right place in the list of sets.

Well, I don't know when it happened, but I just discovered that Flickr has finally set up something called "collections."  Now you can have several sets all grouped into a collection and the collection creates a page that shows all of the sets in that collection. 

(I picked the smallest collection to use as a graphic to show how it would look when you click on a specific collection. Most of my collections have a lot more sets, with the Flickr Themes collection topping the list with 31 sets.)

Well, of course, this meant that I had to give some thought to what "collections" I wanted so that all of the sets could be represented (isn't this the most boring entry you've ever read?)

So anyway, I spent most of last night, after we got home from our friend's birthday party in San Francisco, playing around with "collections."  Now I finally think I have it organized.  There are still 16 collections, but I've managed to get all 150+ sets grouped together and so things should be easier to find now.

For the 5 people who routinely check my photos.  LOL.


It may not be exciting for you, but I'm happy!


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