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25 September 2006

So I volunteered to work Saturday at the huge "Adopt-a-thon" in Sacramento.  It's a 2-day event and I told Ashley I could work whenever she wanted, which turned out to be all day Saturday.

I got to the mall early and stopped in to La Bou for a small breakfast, then found where our group was setting up (there were several SPCA groups from the area displaying animals for adoption).

At 10 it all started.

AAT1.jpg (81416 bytes)

My job was to sit in a cage with Mini, Monica and Jessica.

MeCage.jpg (14012 bytes)
(picture taken with my phone cam)

Each of the dogs was 8 years old and I made some snide remark about putting all the old dogs in the cage with the old broad.  Mini spent most of the day in my lap.

AAT2.jpg (58315 bytes)

She was a sweet little thing with a snaggle tooth, but even though there was lots of interest in all three dogs, people seemed to back off when they learned they were 8 years old.  None of my charges found homes today.

I was surprised that the people most interested in the chihuahuas were big burly men. 

AAT3.jpg (54277 bytes)

By the middle of the day I was surrounded by people filling out paperwork, taking dogs off for "test walks," talking with their families about whether this was "the" dog for them, and conferring with staff about possibly adopting one of the dogs.

AAT4.jpg (42879 bytes) AAT5.jpg (35309 bytes)
AAT6.jpg (35695 bytes) AAT7.jpg (34950 bytes)

Around 1 p.m., someone sat in the cage with my charges for me and I went back to La Bou for lunch.  I sat at a table near a guy who was having a very loud, very rapid, very animated conversation about the Governor and Bush and Howard Hughes and "queers" ... all to whatever imaginary companion he was seeing across the table from himself.

I went back to the mall and found the girls who were watching my dogs had passed out on the lounge couches.

AAT12.jpg (59592 bytes)

It seemed that everybody was getting sleepy in the un-air conditioned open air of the mall.

AAT8.jpg (42312 bytes) AAT9.jpg (38164 bytes)

But people were also beginning to make their selections and slowly our cages were emptying.

AAT10.jpg (34065 bytes)
This woman took Stanley home
AAT11.jpg (41878 bytes)
This woman was seriously thinking about my "baby," Zack.

By the end of the day, we had adopted out 12 dogs and 1 cat and everybody felt very good about that.  Tomorrow will be the second day and there aren't that many dogs to bring that weren't there today.  Several folks have said they were going to come back to check on "their" dogs.  So all in all, it was a really pretty good day.

I'm skipping tomorrow's display since they have more volunteers than today, and fewer dogs.


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