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22 September 2006

Don't blame me.  Blame Alexandra Billings of Stilettos and Sneakers for yet another round of questions.  (This is actually a public service meme.  I knew that Mary needed more questions to answer.)  I removed questions that I've already had on lists a bazillion times...go to the link above to get the full questionnaire, if you want.

Do you hate more than 3 people?

I was going to say I don't hate anybody, but then I thought about the guy in the White House, his henchmen, Fred Phelps, Jerry Falwell and other self-righteous bigots and I guess maybe I do hate some people, and probably more than 3 of them.   Nobody in my personal life, tho.

What is your favorite candy bar?

A toss up between Snickers and U-No, neither of which ever tastes as good as I remember them tasting when I was a kid.

What are your favorite shoes?


Have you ever tripped someone?

Not deliberately.

Do you own a Britney Spears CD?

She's a singer, right?

Have you ever thrown up in public?

If I have, I don't remember (which may explain why I threw up in the first place.  If I ever did).

What is your favorite music genre?

I don't know that I have a favorite "genre."  I'm very eclectic, except for hard rock.

What is your sign?


What time were you born?

7-ish at night

Do you like beer?

Depends.  I don't hate it, but I rarely, if ever, drink it.   Sometimes on a very hot day, a very cold beer tastes good, but it stops tasting good once it starts warming up

Have you ever made a prank call?

I don't think so.  I was a good girl, I was.

What is the most embarrassing CD you own?

A woman who yodels the classics (truly!).  You haven't lived until you've heard Beethoven yodeled.

Are you sarcastic?

You're kidding, right?  You had to ask?

What are your favorite colors?

Primary colors:  Red.  Yellow.  Blue.

How many watches do you own?

Two, but I don't wear either.  Ned convinced me that life is much less stressful when you don't wear a watch.  He's right.

Summer or winter?

Oh, winter.  Absolutely no question!  Of course I live in a place with no snow, so that may have something to do with it.

Spring or fall?

That one is more difficult.  The season of all those beautiful blossoms or the season with all those gorgeous red and gold trees.  I think it's a toss-up for me.  Both have lovely, clement weather.

What is your favorite color to wear?

What I wear most is blue or black.  Red is my favorite color, but after going through a color consultation where I was told what shade of red to wear and told over and over and over again that the color I was wearing at the time was absolutely awful on me, my confidence in picking red was diminished somewhat!

Pepsi or Sprite?

Diet Coke.

What color is your cell phone?

Boring grey.  I got the free phone.  I had no options.   But it has a nice black leather case.  And a camera.  Have I mentioned the camera?

Have you ever slapped someone?

No, but I've wanted to.

Have you ever had a cavity?

Are you kidding?  Two of my dentist's children can afford to get Ph.D.'s because of my mouth, I think.  In fact, I had two more cavities filled just this month.

How many lamps are in your bedroom?

Well, I don't sleep in an official "bedroom."  The family room (where the recliner is) has one lamp and overhead lights.  The living room has a couple of lamps, but I never turn them on.  The overhead light hasn't worked in months.

How many video games do you own?

Thanks goodness that is ONE time-wasting habit I have not acquired, so the answer to that questions is:  none.

What was your first pet?

Socksie, a black cat with four white paws.  He was given to my mother for me by the guy who owned a nearby grocery store when he heard that I was sick in bed with the measles.  I don't know how long we had Socksie, but he ran away once and we didn't see him for a long time.  He returned one night during a rainstorm, came in, got dried off, meowed to go outside and was never seen or heard from again, ungrateful thing!

Have you ever had braces?

No.  In fact, when I was 13 and establishing with a new dentist, he was so amazed at how perfect my teeth were that he took me to an orthodontist's office to show off what a perfect mouth was possible without braces.

Do looks matter?

For what?

Do you use chapstick?

Not usually, though I have a chapstick from Peets coffee which I thought was kind of cool.

Name 3 teachers from your high school:

Sister Anne, Sister Zoe, Mrs. Gavin (typing, homeroom, and French, respectively)

American Eagle or Abercrombie?


Are you too forgiving?

I dunno.  I think I'm forgiving enough.

Do you own something from Hot Topic?

I don't have a clue what "Hot Topic" is.

What is your favorite breakfast?

Eggs benedict and fresh squeezed orange juice.

Do you own a gun?

Good grief, no.

When was the last time you cried?

Oh, I cry at everything.  I saw Touched by an Angel earlier today and naturally cried at the end of it.

What did you do 3 nights ago?

Watched TV.  I also watched TV 2 nights ago and last night and I'll watch TV tonight.

When was the last time you went to Olive Garden?

Over a year ago.  I only go to Oliva Garden when I'm meeting a friend from La Leche League for lunch and we haven't had lunch in a very long time.   Makes me think I should call and make a date with her again.

Have you ever called your teacher mom?

Not "mom" but I always referred to Sister Anne as my "other mother."

Have you ever been in a castle?

Oh sure.  You can't go to England, Ireland or Scotland without going into a castle.  They're a dime a dozen there.  My family even has a castle of its own in Scotland.  A small castle.  I also have been in Sleeping Beauty's castle in Disneyland.

What are your nicknames?

I have none.  I was a deprived child.

Do you know anyone named Bertha?

Yes.  The wife of someone Walt has worked with for a very long time.

Have you ever been to Hawaii?

Three times, I think.  Right after I graduated from high school, I went with my mother and grandmother.  Walt and I went the year that Ned and Marta were married, and again the year after David died, when we went with my Brasilian brother and his wife.

Do you own something from Banana Republic?

Not unless they've recently hired Omar the Tentmaker to design for the "larger woman."

Are you happy with your life right now?

I don't know if "happy" describes it, but "content" is probably more accurate.

Does anyone like you?

No.  Everybody hates me.  I'm going to go eat worms.

What were you doing May of 1994?

Attending Lawsuit concerts.

McDonald's or Wendy's?

McDonald's, though the thrill was gone when they stopped using bad fat for the french fries and added salad to the menu.  What's the point of eating at a junk food place if you have to feel guilty about not ordering healthy food?

Do you like yourself?


Favorite feature of the opposite sex?

Sense of humor.

Are you afraid of the dark?

No.  I was as a kid, but I got over it.  And the snakes under the bed died.

Have you ever eaten paste?

Pasta, but not paste.  What a difference a letter makes.

Do you have a webcam?

Yes, but I rarely use it.  Prefer my video camera.

Have you ever stripped?

Only to shower.

What was the last film you saw at the cinema?

Little Miss Sunshine.  I recommend it highly.

What are your favorite TV shows?

Well, we're at the start of a season following one where a lot of shows left the air, so I don't know yet, but "Studio 60" has great promise, I'm looking forward to the re-start of "Grey's Anatomy" and I'm glad that "The Amazing Race" is back again. 

What did you have for breakfast?

Toast and coffee.  Same as almost every other day.

What is your middle name?


What foods do you dislike?

Liver and beets.

What is your favorite CD at the moment?

The original cast recording of Wicked.

Favorite sandwich?

There's one that the local supermarket deli makes which is lamb with aioli that's pretty good.

What are your favorite clothes?


What color is your bathroom?


Favorite brand of clothing?

Brand?  Clothing has brands?  Anything that is made in an XXXXXL size.

Where would you want to retire to?

My office here at home.

Favorite time of day?

Oh...they're all about the same.  I do like it around 11 p.m. or so, when the house is all quiet, the dogs and Walt are sleeping and I'm the only one moving around the house.

What did you want to be when you were little?

A mother, a nurse, a nun.  Not all at the same time.

What is your best childhood memory?

Eating strips of cake that my mother would give me when she made chocolate cream roll...or little little pie crust pies that she made with excess pie dough.  (A lot of my best memories seem to involve food, it seems!)

Eye Color?

Hazel.  If you ask Walt, he'll say "green with yellow flecks."

Ever been toilet papering?

Only my bum.  I actually always thought that would be fun until I saw someone try to remove toilet paper from a tree and realized what a terribly evil thing it is.  You can't get that damn stuff out to save your soul.

Favorite day of the week?

Sunday--that's the day "Says you" comes on the radio.


A most amazing thing is happening.  My friend Ron is finding his voice.  In attemting to make his newborn journal fresh and interesting, he is doing a lot thinking on screen and beginning to reveal the remarkable journey that he has been on for the past several years.  It's a pretty amazing story. Please take time to read this.


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Another of Peggy's pictures that I really like.


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