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21 September 2006

Since I don't carry my cell phone with me at all times, I usually miss incoming calls, especially since I get so few of them.  I missed, for example, when Jeri sent me a "good morning" message with a picture of Phil this morning.  (Of course that wasn't a call — it was a picture message, and fun to find when I picked up my phone.)

So it was kind of surprising that I heard the phone at all.  What was that weird ringing sound?  Ascending and descending tones that sounded like someone running up and down stairs.

My life seems to be filled with strange new sounds that I spend a lot of time trying to identify.  I was just sitting in the family room, for example, and heard this metallic sort of "thunk" sound coming from my office.  What the heck was that?  Then I realized it was the sound my computer makes when it finishes running AdAware, a spyware checking program.

Then there is the sound that the DV camera makes when it gets turned on accidentally.  It's always plugged in to the computer and occasionally I hear that sound (which is also the sound that it makes for some other program that I can't think of) and I have to figure out what was causing the sound.

There is the sound of the timer on the stove and the timer on the microwave and the sound the telephone makes when the battery is running down, as well as the sound the camera makes when its battery is running down.

There's the sound that the computer makes when Steve decides he wants to have an IM chat.  I'll be in the kitchen and suddenly there is the unmistakable sound and I know I've been summoned to the computer.  There is also a special sound that the computer makes when it finishes downloading a file.

It just seems that within the past year or two so many weird sounds have entered my life.

My life is entirely too sound-complicated!

But anyway, I finally realized that the upstairs/downstairs sound was the cell phone in the other room and I ran to pick it up.  It said that it was Steve Schalchlin calling (which I should have known because upstairs/downstairs is his special ring — but I didn't remember that!).  I knew he and Jimmy were in Connecticut with The Big Voice and thought perhaps he was calling with exciting news that couldn't wait for e-mail.

I answered the phone and all I heard was garbled voices.  It was like what my cable box is doing lately, getting all pixelated.  Stopping for a second, then giving you snippets of something, then garbage again.  Very frustrating when you are thinking it might be something "big" and you can only get snippets and static.

"STEVE!" I shouted, several times.   I finally decided that he wasn't able to hear me.  Maybe the problem was on my end, not on his.  So I hung up.

But hey--I have a cell phone.  Calling long distance doesn't cost anything any more, as long as I'm within my minutes, so I called him back.

In truth, I was remembering the time that Jimmy called me, under similar conditions.  It turned out that Jimmy hadn't deliberately called at all, but had accidentally pressed some sort of button on his phone while it was in his pocket.  He was very surprised when I called him back.  We laughed a lot.

So I called Steve and was very pleased when he answered and the reception was crystal clear.

"Did you call me, or did your pocket call me?" I asked.

He, too, was very surprised to hear from me and confessed that he had not called.  It was his pocket that had called me. 

But he said he was standing in the middle of Times Square, getting ready to go to a dress rehearsal for...was it Gypsy?   I don't remember now.  He was happy to hear my voice, but obviously very busy doing whatever he was doing.

I'm not sure why Jimmy's and Steve's pockets like to call me, but it's nice to hear from them, from time to time, even if they don't ever deliberately call me after all.

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(is that a phone in your pocket or are you just happy to hear from me?)


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(Picture by Peggy...I love this photo!)


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