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14 September 2006

Let me put this very succinctly:



Before we did this phone plan switcheroo that I've been so happy about, I checked on line to find out when my contract ends. 

August 29, 2006, I learned from the web site.

And so on August31, 2006, we switched me to Verizon and I started bitching about silly things like ring tones and stuff like that.   I started sending photos to Ned, and just got a photo from Jeri, who just replaced her lost phone with a camera phone.  Life was fun.  Life was good.

Today my final Cingular bill arrived.

I have been charged  a $150 termination fee.

I got on the phone immediately to customer service, sat and waited forever while I listened to the glories of an account with Cingular and finally connected with a very charming woman who informed me that August 29 was the date I was eligible to get a new phone, but my account actually was active until November.

There is no recourse.

Because I mis-read the web site, I must pay a $150 ^&*&%$#@ termination fee.

OK.  It's my fault, but goddamn it I'm furious.  When I expressed my... uh ... displeasure at discovering that I had to pay $150 I never expected, this very cheerful voice said

"That's right.  Now is there anything else I can help you with today?"

I told her I was going to let everyone know that they should never sign up with Cingular. 

Which won't do a damn bit of good.

Actually, having had both services, I probably prefer Cingular, but I'm sure mad as hell right now. 

Especially since basically it's my own stupid, stupid, stupid fault.

KarenMe.jpg (29156 bytes)
I think this photo is more appropriate here
than it was as Photo of the Day yesterday.

So other than that, Mrs. Lincoln...

I'm just in a rotten mood all around.  No specific reason.   Maybe it's the flies, which have lessened, but are still here.  Maybe it's the frustration of my computer being slow right now--probably a virus, but none of my virus checkers pick one up. I don't know.  Maybe it's the mornoic Bush-worshippers on Senior Net, who believe that "Path to 911," the Disney docudrama was true because it was on television. But I've just been ...morose is about the only way to describe it, I guess... for several days now. 

I can't get myself motivated to do anything.  Nothing seems to be going right and then this friggin' bill on top of everything else.  I'm madder than anything because I know that it's my fault, but that's an expensive lesson to learn.

At least I learned it at my computer, not in a car where I might have hit someone or had a ticket for going to fast or something, so there are some small consolations.

GodDAMNit.... $150. 

Fortunately, I'm about to write another feature article.  That will pay 1/3 of it.

If it were physically possible for me to kick my own backside right now I'd do it.

And if I were a drinking person, this would not have been written sober, you can bet on that.

God, I hate it when I do things like that. 

For an amazing video, check out this one, which is just a home video (15 min. long) taken on 9/11/01 by some people whose apartment overlooked the World Trade Center.  It's an amazing, gut-wrenching video devoid of media commentary.


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