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10 September 2006

I remember when Peggy told me I was perfecting the "Aussie salute."  Three years ago, I wrote:

Australian flies are particularly irritating buggers. They are small, don't buzz loudly, but are always there and you can't get rid of them. Peggy tells me that I've perfected the "Aussie salute," which is accomplished with a wave of the hand across your face to brush away whichever fly has chosen you as his special person for the moment. Brush, then brush again, then brush again. The fly never takes the hint (I know people like that...). On our time going north, whenever we got out to photograph wildflowers, I began to understand all those natives in Third World countries who stand for National Geographic cameras, flies stuck to them everywhere. After awhile it becomes "why bother?" It's an exercise in futility.

Well, we don't have the little irritating Australian flies here, but we are suffering an infestation of flies so thick that sometimes when I walk into the kitchen, I feel like I've entered a small African village.

flies1.jpg (32057 bytes)

This photo doesn't begin to show the extent of our problem.  The flies are just everywhere.

Yesterday morning Walt shut the kitchen window and trapped 20 flies, he says, between the window and the screen.  This morning he shut the sliding glass door and trapped these between that door and the screen door:

flies4.jpg (29967 bytes)

I can't understand where they are coming from.   When the puppies were here, I left the back door open and we did have more flies in the house, but the puppies have been gone for a long time and the increase in fly population has been astronomical.  I can only assume that the flies that came in with the puppies went on lots of orgies and we are now dealing with the offspring of their partying.

It's worth your life to try to get the dishes rinsed and into the diswasher, because you are battling flies who attack you as you try to remove a tasty morcel from their snack bar.

They are at the worst in the late afternoon, when they like to buzz around the kitchen sink and lounge about in the sun, whether there is anything to eat there or not.

Yesterday morning there was a patch of sun in the family room and I counted more than 30 flies all walking around on the floor in the warm sun.

flies5.jpg (22465 bytes)

Heck, there's a whole beautiful outdoors there, if they like sun so darn much!  Why search for sun patches in my house?

I have a fly swatter, but with the combination of my worsening depth perception and their quick reflexes, I am able to get very few of them.  (Sheila, who likes to eat flies, has better luck grabbing them out of the air as they fly by.)  There was a small orgy going on yesterday.   You can see it below.  The two clumps of what looks like four flies hooked together.  Sluts.  

flies2.jpg (31280 bytes)

I discovered that when in the heat of passion, they were less able to fly away and — SWACK — I performed a little entomological autoerotic asphyxiation.  8 in one blow.

I managed to have a few mass murders by trapping some unsuspecting flies inside an empty yogurt container, then drowning them.  But it still seemed to hardly make a dent in the population.

This morning I woke up and was thrilled to see that there were almost no flies in the kitchen at all.  I thought perhaps they had finally come to the end of their (I hope) brief life cycle.  I could actually make coffee without feeling like I should don beekeeper garb.

Then it was time to feed the dogs.  I keep the dog food in a small garbage can with a lid.  When I lifted the lid, a cloud of flies escaped.  They apparently had found a way to get in and spent the night sleeping on nice fragrant kibble.

I'm on the horns of a dilemma.  I hate the thought of spraying anything into the air and I've dealt with fly strips before and know what a pain that is.  But I'm sure tired of having to deal with clouds of flies whenever I walk around the house.

A fly has just landed on my computer monitor.

Hey, buddy...some things are sacred!


flies3.jpg (30811 bytes)

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